Mr Butthurt Mcgee

Mr Butthurt Mcgee

Faith #2

Written by: Jody Houser

Art by: Pere Perez

Flashback Art by: Marguerite Sauvage

Color by: Andrew Dalhouse

Faith’s dreams have come true…or have they? Let’s find out with this new issue of Faith!

Faith has finally met the man of her dreams, THE Chris Chriswell, she has gone to meet him for a photo shoot, and from the looks of it. It hasn’t turned out the way it was supposed to. We open the comic to see Faith is blacked out. From her dreams coming true possibly? Or maybe something darker is at hand. As she opens her eyes you see Chris in her vision, and it’s not that her dreams have come true, it’s more that her nightmares have.


At this point we see the stereotypical Villain speech. Here’s my thing though, I would have hoped that the first true villain that we have come across wouldn’t have been the stereotypical one, that really is just butt hurt with the world and is real grouchy about his past. As we know, at this point, Chris is the super hero from television that every girl loves. Does he want that though? No, he’s always wanted to be the villain. So, he chose Faith as his victim. He’s literally taking his stunning good looks and taking them out on Faith. He’s butt hurt.


So, while he is ranting you find Faith, who is really still trying to grow into her powers, trying to escape. Then while he is being the stereotypical “villain” Faith Escapes. Did we see it coming? Of course. The next thing that happens is a full blown copy of Chris Evan’s roll in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. All of his stunt doubles come from the back. Like, can we seriously copy that movie anymore with this scene? Just saying. Now, unlike Scott, Faith doesn’t kick all their butts and then make him go grinding down a ramp and he turns into coins. If you haven’t seen the movie I would suggest watching it so you aren’t crazy confused with what I’m talking about. Faith uses her powers and grabs the actual Chris Chriswell, at least that’s what she thinks. We don’t fully know what happens after that though due to the fact that it cuts back to her apartment.

We then see her come out to one of her coworkers who makes cosplay outfits, and she shows her the outfit she’s been working on for Faith. The next scene is where it gets concerning. We see Chris talking to stunt double Chris, but the “real” Chris isn’t the one behind bars. What happens next? No idea. We will have to wait until Issue 3


Thanks for shooting the Breeze with me!

Rating: 8.5/10

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