Once and Future #9 Comic Review

Once and Future #9 Comic ReviewScore 93%Score 93%

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist: Dan Mora

Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain

Letterer: Ed Dukeshire

Cover Artist: Dan Mora


What You Need To Know:

Merlin has returned and, with the help of Duncan’s mom, has summoned Beowulf to do his bidding. Merlin brings Beowulf before Arthur, who has seemingly forgotten Merlin over time. Beowulf sees Galahad, mutilated and in constant pain, and demands to know who did this. So Merlin tells him it was Duncan and his Grandma, and unleashes him on the two. Duncan and Gram are on their way back from the site where Beowulf was originally summoned when Beowulf himself appears and attacks them in their car!


What Happens:

Beowulf attacks Duncan and Gram, causing them to crash. Gram hands Duncan a spear and tells him to distract him. The two briefly fight, Beowulf is very clearly the victor, and then Gram shoots him in the shoulder. Duncan runs away, leading Beowulf to a landmine, one that he notices before he can trigger it because he is a great hunter too. So Duncan just shoots it and blows him up anyway, because Beowulf is still pretty stupid. Duncan takes Gram back to the old folks home and says he needs to think about some things before leaving. Meanwhile, in Bristol, Duncan’s mom meets with Merlin, who tells her that everything is proceeding as planned. Merlin says that Arthur will be his king again, as it seems something changed when Merlin was awakened since Arthur did remember him when he first awakened, but now has no recollection of who he is. Duncan’s mom asks about Galahad, and Merlin just tells her he’s fine and to not worry about him. Afterward, Merlin points out that while yes they killed Beowulf, he wasn’t the only part of the legend, he was just the hero. Gram has a moment with the other old folks saying how she hopes Duncan never finds out what she was like back when she was his age. Then, Rose uses her pins to figure out where another monster or legend will be next, as we cut to the old folks home, and Grendel is there, and he is hungry.



This was a fun issue. Cool fight with Beowulf in the beginning, I wish we could have gotten more of him, but his defeat was humorous enough for me to forget that. Duncan is getting more and more annoyed with all this monster and myth hunting stuff and I can’t blame him. The man just wants to take a break. Grandma is as entertaining as ever, sassy old women are one of my favorite archetypes and she does so wonderfully. Beowulf was a treat, he kind of reminds me of Rider from Fate/Zero, who was also a very loud and boisterous hero, with a lot of power and strength at his disposal. And the fact that Grendel was ALSO brought back is great, he’s a terrifying monster, and if Beowulf is gone, he’s going to be even harder to kill. I will say, my one complaint is one that applies to other issues as well, and it’s that I hope Rose gets more to do than hang back while Duncan and his Grandma do all the cool stuff. Dan Mora’s art in this series has been phenomenal the whole time and this issue continues that. Beowulf looked great, with his body covered in flames. Merlin is also creepy and terrifying, just this gross almost zombie-like old man in a wizard robe, with a big scythe instead of a staff. And the colors from Tamra Bonvillain are magnificent here, the lighting is incredible a lot of the time and sets just the right mood. I’m looking forward to the next issue and how they’re going to take down Grendel now that Beowulf has been killed.

Brian Daley

Brian Daley

Full Sail college student. Nerd extraordinaire since 2003. Lover of all things superhero, Star Wars, video game, or cartoon related. Spends WAAAAAY too much money on these books and movies.

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Summary Beowulf is here and he is crazy! Get ready for a massive fight between the legendary hero... and some Brit and his grandma.


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Brian Daley

Full Sail college student. Nerd extraordinaire since 2003. Lover of all things superhero, Star Wars, video game, or cartoon related. Spends WAAAAAY too much money on these books and movies.