Growing Pains (Power Rangers Drakkon: New Dawn #1 Comic Review)

Growing Pains (Power Rangers Drakkon: New Dawn #1 Comic Review)

Power Rangers Drakkon: New Dawn #1 aka “Growing Pains”


Written By: Anthony Burch

Illustrated By: Simone Ragazzoni

Colored By: Raul Angulo

Lettered By: Ed Dukeshire


Hello and welcome back to Kal’s Comic Reviews, and today we are delving back into the Power Rangers universe with the sequel/follow up series to the Ranger Slayer comic I reviewed a while ago. To be honest, this book has started to drift into something that can only be described as “fanfiction”.


Granted, that isn’t a bad thing, however with how this story is unfolding, and the secret we all discover in this issue, by the end, even you gentle viewer will be saying the same thing. 


RECAP (For those who need a refresher): Kim Hart aka The Ranger Slayer returned to her world to find it in a bit of disarray since Drakkon up and died, and zombies were running around the land. 


After regrouping with her former allies, the Coinless, Kim found out that the zombies were controlled by the spirit of Rita Repulsa. With this new threat, Kim united Drakkon’s forces and The Coinless in the battle against Rita, leading her to become the new ruler in Drakkon’s place.


Summary of #1


With Kim as the new ruler, unrest has fallen upon her new Kingdom. The Coinless and the Ex-Sentries have gone to war with each other and aren’t exactly showing unity in the face of not only their new leader but in the fact that they all need to work together now.


After shrugging off an assassination attempt, Kim decides the best way to get the people to trust her is to raid Drakkon’s old prison called “The Dreadlock”. Although she and the assembled teams could breach the defenses, Kim gets separated from the group and winds up finding Drakkon’s final prisoner: An armored Ranger. Following rescuing this armored ranger, a trap is sprung leading into whole new issues for the new ruler of Earth-4 (so much easier to call it that).


The Good, The Bad, and Let’s Unpack This Stuff


The Good


-The artwork for the power rangers series has always been on the good side. It was never the same for every character and the designs for these older versions of beloved characters took some details from what the actors of these characters looked like. 

-The Dialogue is on point and it never feels like the text is patronizing its viewers. Every time a line is delivered, it feels like something the characters from the original series would say.

-The characters/atmosphere are other facets of this series that fascinate me. The fact that this hellscape is the only world they know, and its kill or be killed ups the stakes. I mean in this continuity, we’ve already lost a GOOD portion of the PR universe we are used to so, so the fact that any of these characters, even Kim, can die makes this series just that more interesting.


The Bad


The only downside to this entire universe is that it revolves around Tommy Oliver. Like everything in Power Rangers, Tommy needs a shoutout or a cameo for it to do well, and that needs to stop. I love that this series is trying something new, but every issue is going to feel like the other shoe is going to need to drop since, everyone there thinks Drakkon is dead when in reality, he’s playing around with the Power Rangers of Earth-2 right now. 


So it’s only a matter of time till he shows up and starts ruining all this good character growth to soothe whatever ego the writers have for bringing him back into things when he isn’t needed. On top of all of this, the identity of this new…..”ranger” is one of the most obvious things in the world and I’m honestly not surprised this was done. 

Power Rangers: The Ranger Slayer Is Back in Drakkon New Dawn #1 ...

For this first issue, I give it a 7.5 out of 10. Tune in soon for my review of the hit series “Excellence” and why all of you should read it. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you all soon.

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