Who would choose death when Glory is so much better? (Death or Glory #1 Comic Review)

“Who would choose death when Glory is so much better?” Writer: Rick Remender Artist: Cover: Bengal Variant Cover: Duncan Fegredo, James Harren Let me just start off by mentioning that I am...

8.6 Great
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Newsstand Editions vs Direct Editions

Newsstand or Direct A question often asked is, what is the difference between Newsstand Editions and Direct Editions and how can you tell them apart. Well there is a long drawn out complicated answer....

Brutality Cometh ( X-Force: Sex & Violence Back Issue Review)

X-Force Sex & Violence #1-3 Art by: Gabriele Dell’Otto Cover by: Gabriele Dell’Otto Written by: Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost       In 2010 Marvel unleashed one of their ...

9.6 Amazing