Faith Begins Again!

Faith Reboot Issue #1

Writer- Jody Houser

Artist- Pere Perez

Letterer- David Sharpe

Editor-Tom Brennan

By: Bailie Scheer

Faith Issue #1 is about as confusing as something can get if you have not read the miniseries prior to opening it up. If you remember during my last review of the Faith Miniseries I mentioned that it was a rather confusing beginning to the Psiots story if you had read the Harbinger series prior to. Well, this is about the same situation. I got Faith issue #1 a few months back, and I was so excited to finally get into a comic series (Yes, Faith is my first comic series that I have actually gone all the way through…so far.) Now, with that being said I dived right in. Here’s the thing though, action had already started. She’s a blogger at Zipline and the characters are talking about how there had been a shooting, and Faith had saved her boss, and her now friends. She’s playing D&D with her coworkers. When did all this happen though? During the mini-series.

See, opening up Faith issue #1 without reading the miniseries prior to you are walking into a world that really had already begun. They already had created the major issues that Faith was going to have to face. Now, the major issue I had with the miniseries and the reboot is that they didn’t really have connecting story lines between the villains. In the reboot her main villain is…well I don’t want to spoil it for you. I can say this though; the villains are not the same what so ever. The writers change direction completely…Or so it seems.  That’s all I can really say about that without spoiling the first 8 issues of the reboot.

Now, there is an arch to the story, but at this point I really think that is going to be an ongoing thing throughout the series. There are mini arches (I guess you would call them that) yet, they happen in each and every issue. That is one thing that I really enjoy about Faith is the fact that they are sticking to one story line, and it is continuing through what seems will be the entire series.

Art wise, the made quite a few changes from the miniseries to the reboot, and in my opinion they are better. I love how they make Faith look like a normal human being. On the outside there is nothing really all that spectacular about her. She’s pretty, don’t get me wrong, but she isn’t made to be overly sexy, and I really appreciate that.

Writing wise, the comics make me laugh, probably more than the average person, and I say that because they make Faith so relatable. I think anyone can relate to faith purely because she is really just trying to get through life. She’s a normal person, but she can fly and stuff. I love that about her. Faith is a really great read for someone who isn’t really into comics yet, and I would definitely suggest picking up both the miniseries and the reboot.

Overal, for Faith Issue #1 (reboot) you really have to read the miniseries prior to getting into the reboot. Well, I hope you enjoyed this review of Faith, never stop believing you can be the super hero of your own story.

Rating: 9.5/10

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