I am this, I am that. I am Suicide

Batman Vol 2. I AM SUICIDE 

Publisher: DC Comics

To be Released: April 18th 2017

Writer: Tom King

Artist(s): Mikel Jenin

Colorist(s): Mikel Jenin


By: Cade Weinmann

Batman’s “I Am Suicide” story arc is an extremely interesting take on the caped crusader to say the least. After King’s “Night of the Monster Men”, it was questionable as to where the comic series would go next. So does this arc excel the previous arcs we’ve seen? We’ll see if it does. Also please keep in mind that this is an trade paperback review and will contain spoilers for any Batman comic before Batman #13. Batman Vol 2 will be available April 18th for anyone looking to continue their collection of the current series

Now something I sincerely enjoyed about the arc was the artwork, Mikel Jenin’s art mixed with King’s storytelling match tone completely. Between the surreal art and the mind bending tone, it works phenomenally. The relationship between Selina Kyle and Batman is pretty interesting as well and I do like it; it’s an organic relationship and it works. Also as someone who has dealt with depression, these comics really hit home with tackling mental illness and suicide in a very appropriate manner that I appreciated. It wasn’t over the top and was not the main focus but it touched on the fact that our heroes are still human and can deal with depression and self-harm.

Now let’s dive straight into the storyline of each of the comics:

Batman Issue 9:

We start off with a flashback sequence with a narration from Bane about his dark and horrible childhood. We then go back to the present and we see Bane is talking to Psycho Pirate who seems to be manipulating Bane’s emotions to make him stop using venom.  Moving to Gotham in Wayne Manor, we see Bruce consoling Gotham girl from a nightmare. The rest of the comic is all recruitment for his own suicide squad so they get back psycho pirate. The villains recruited are as follows: The Ventriloquist, Bronze Tiger, Punch, Jewlee and unsurprisingly Selina Kyle. This ends the 9th issue with a full Suicide Squad.

Batman Issue 10:

Having recruited his own Suicide Squad, Batman now begins his assault on the island of Santa Prisca and Bane. King opens this issue with a warning from Batman that Bane either hands over Psycho Pirate or have a broken back. Batman says this many times during the comic. It makes you wonder throughout the issue what is going on with Batman’s character since it is so out of character

Batman Issue 11:

This comic really bounces back from the disappointing 10th issue in many ways. In this issue Catwoman is front in center as almost the main character the squad splits up into teams. We see some dialogue between The Ventriloquist and Selina but it’s kind of minor. Then the twist happens. Catwoman was working for Bane the whole time (Surprise!) This ends the issue.

Batman Issue 12:

Now we’re at my favorite issue in this entire series so far, the 11th issue is by far the most solid in terms of character development and storytelling. This comic is far more introspective than what we’ve seen in past issues as well. The Story is a letter to Selina as he delves deeper into emotions and past. We find out that after Bruce’s parent’s deaths, he attempted suicide. This not only gives a new meaning to the title “I Am Suicide” but also adds to the deep history of the Batman character. As this is happening, you see Batman kicking butt in his usual fashion but there a tons and tons of enemies. The issue ends where he finally reaches Bane and Selina Kyle.

Batman Issue 13:

The final issue of the arc ends on an “okay” note. We see a fight between Bane and Batman or as I should say “Batman getting his butt handed to him by Bane.” Then we see Selina betray Bane (which is annoying) but she and Batman end up defeating Bane. Then after some lengthy dialogue they escape the island on a raft. The issue ends with Bane wanting venom, and a kiss between Bats and Selina Kyle.


Batman Issue 14:

After the events of Santa Prisca, Batman comes back in Gotham, ready to take Catwoman to prison She, who was facing a death sentence, has it reduced to life without parole, thanks to her helping Batman in the past few issues. But the night is still young in Gotham and before Catwoman goes to Blackgate Prison she wants one more night out on the town and she wants to spend it with him. Fighting crime and enjoying the night. Just the Cat and the Bat.

Batman Issue 15:

Bruce and Selina finally get to their night out on the town! As they spend this last night on the rooftops alone, they reminisce about when they first met. Bruce finally opens up to Selina, but she’s still the dangerous woman through and through.


“I Am Suicide” has seen its fair share of ups and downs but overall I feel like it is the best arc we have seen in this Batman comic book series my review goes like this:

#9: 3/5

#10: 2/5

#11: 4/5

#12: 5/5

#13: 3/5

#14: 4/5

#15: 3/5

Overall this arc was decent. Issue #9 was lacking just because nothing extremely eventful happened. Issue #10 was very lackluster and weak as a comic because Batman is out of character. Issue #11 bounces back from the previous issue because it was just overall solid. Issue #12 was my personal favorite of the entire series. And finally Issue #13 was decent, not great but not bad either.

Would I recommend this arc to a friend? Yes, I would; it’s worth the read and I think you should pick it up, if you haven’t already.

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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.
This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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