Will the Unity Squad survive a New Creative Team and the Darkforce Dome in this Secret Empire Tie-In!? (Uncanny Avengers #24 Comic Review)

Uncanny Avengers #24

Written By: Jim Zub

Pencils By: Kim Jacinto

Colors By: Tamra Bonvillain


Jim Zub jumps in the Dysfunctional X-Men inspired Avengers team, The Unity Squad and what better way to start off by going into action in the current Marvel major cross over Secret Empire!


Previously: Gerry Duggan ends his chapter for the Unity Squad with a BANG! The team finally removes Charles Xavier’s Brain from the Red Skull. Rogue lands a kiss on Deadpool and Wonder Man was released from Rogue’s Body. You’d think the team would finally split up after achieving their original mission and after Captain America disbands them. But it’s never over now that Hydra has taken over and Unity Squad’s former leader Steve Rogers and becomes the Supreme Leader of said villainous organization.

What You’ll Find Out: After Captain America traps a bunch of heroes inside the Darkforce Dome in New York. We find our Unity Squad lead by Rogue all confused and anxious with everything that is happening around them. We see some tension between Rogue and Wasp regarding leadership roles. Dr. Voodoo tries to figure out what’s causing these phenomena, Synapse is trying to avoid losing her focus with all the emotions and fear she is feeling around her & Human Torch is being a show off as usual. Meanwhile Quicksilver who was not trapped inside the dome tries to find a way to get inside to no avail. He hears the distress call from Iron Man and leaves the scene with a very worried and frustrated look.


What just happened: To be honest. Nothing much happened in this issue. It’s was more focused on action and less of the story/plot development, especially since it’s a tie-in to a major crossover which usually leaves writer’s a small chance to focus on the series’ core plot. It was more of re-introducing readers (new and old) to Zub’s writing and his take on these characters. It was interesting to see the Wasp question Rogue’s strategy, but I thought it was unnecessary since we’ve seen and read Rogue lead the team very well during Duggan’s run. Although if you think about it, I did notice that Rogue’s leadership skills and strategies were more inclined to being questionably aggressive/offensive. Another thing I have noticed was where were the other heroes? Where were the Defenders, Cloak & Dagger who were shown to be trapped in the same bubble during Secret Empire # 0? I know this issue was supposed to highlight the Unity Squad. Plus we did see villains like Scorpia and the Shocker featured in this issue. However it would have been awesome to see cameos of the other heroes trapped with them too. Never-the-less this issue is still fun to read especially if you have already been following the series. Kim Jacinto’s art did an excellent job in my opinion. I could see the expression of each character in every panel; the monsters looked great too and didn’t feel like it was lazily drawn. I would also like to point out that Tamra Bonvillain’s coloring matched the mood of the art pretty well!


  • Awesome art and coloring
  • Hints of conflict between Wasp and Rogue
  • Action packed


  • Very light on plot and character development
  • Nothing really new from a new writer taking over the series
  • Where are the other heroes trapped with the Unity Squad

Final Thought: Nothing really spectacular or memorable for this issue, especially with expectations from Jim Zub’s writing. This issue felt more like a filler and a forced tie-in for the major cross over. It would have been interesting if they added more focus on the team’s ongoing doubts and disappointment towards their former leader Captain America. Especially with Wasp questioning Rogue’s ability to take over the role from Steve. As a Secret Empire tie-in, Zub could have added and handled it better through taking advantage of the team’s ongoing internal drama and issues.


Rating: 7/10

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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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