“YOU SEEK KNOWLEDGE?” (Detective Comics #960 Comic Review)

Detective Comics #960

Writer: James Tynion IV

Art: Alvaro Martinez and Raul Fernandez

Cover: Yasmine Purtri

Colored by: Brad Anderson

Variant Cover by: Rafael Albuquerque


Batman continues his quest for answers, now with Zatanna by his side he asks for her help to understand what happened to his fallen son. Magic comes with a price, but is Batman ready for the consequences? The team continues looking for answers as they get closer to understanding Jean-Paul and Ascalon. Will Jean-Paul overcome his demons or give into them?

What you need to know: Jean-Paul having seen the new Sword of God… Ascalon!  Now has to come to terms with himself. Jean-Paul begins to crack as his demons take form. Batman searches for answers as he asks Zatanna for help. Kate and Lucas keep looking for answers about the Azrael suit.

What you’ll find out: Ascalon goes back to The Order in search for answers of what occurred when he met Azrael. Kate and Lucas race to understand what is up with the Azrael suit. Jean-Paul begins to see a figure that starts to take control of his body.

What just happened? Las Vegas. Years Ago: Zatanna takes Bruce to her father’s hotel room where she shows him a big brown door with silver creatures on them. She lock picks the door and they walk into Zatara’s study. Bruce notices that the books are covered with dust and states “I thought you only got to Las Vegas a couple months ago?” Bruce questions the nature of “real magic”. Zatanna begins to tell Bruce she can see the pain in his eyes of not knowing the future, and asks what if she could show him.

Gotham City. Now. On top of a building Zatanna insists Batman stop asking her for her help. Batman continues telling her that there is a conspiracy and in that conspiracy his memory has been taken from him. Zatanna trying to stop Batman to continue this quest shows him different types of magic to scare him away. Unmoved by her tricks, Batman tells her that knowing he could have done something if he took one further step eats him inside and asks again for her help.

The Red Cathedral. The Swiss Alps. Ascalon goes back home to speak with his father also brining back his mission update. Uncertain of what he witnessed, his father asks to show him what he had seen. Showing a hologram of the events of last issue, Ascalon’s father encourages him with blessings to go forth and learn what it is the answers he is looking for.

The Belfry: Waking up in a sweat Jean-Paul calls out for Nomoz. A figure has begun to follow him and he can feel his mind begin to lose itself. Nomoz still in bed from his wounds hears nothing of Jean-Paul’s plea. Kate and Lucas call Jean-Paul to come to Foxtech to take closer studies of the Azrael suit. As he begins to speak, the figure takes control finishing Jean-Paul’s sentences and passing him Azrael’s helmet.

Zatanna takes Batman to her hotel room where she takes him to the same brown/silver door she took him many years ago. Still on the defense on helping Batman, she tries one final thing to scare him away. She shows him what he has been looking for all along; The Gnosis Sphere. With a little history lesson on the sphere, she asks if he is truly ready to ask only one question. When at his fingertips he has the power to ask ANY question. Can he let them all go for one? Can he let go of his question about Metal?

At Foxtech, Kate and Lucas ready themselves for Jean-Paul’s arrival; when a white light appears and out of it emerges Ascalon. “Prepare for Evangelization.” Stretching his arm, he places his hand on the heads of all Foxtech suits making them come to life. Now with his own devoted followers, Ascalon readies his attack on them. Kate and Lucas ran to the door behind but are stopped as the door opens. “YOU SEEK GOD?”’

Rating: 6.5/10

Final Thoughts: This issue takes a step backwards from its previous ones. With such a build up from the last two issues this one kind of slows everything down. More questions are asked as Batman gets one step closer to finding the truth. The team takes a hit as they are nowhere to be found. Kate and Lucas are the only ones shown, as a team book it would have been nice to at least have shown the rest of them being called.  Jean-Paul battling his demons is a nice touch, but with him still the main focus this issue for some reason did not do him justice. Hopefully James Tynion picks up the pace again as we all want to know and see what is going on with Azrael and Ascalon.

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Luis Cruz

Luis Cruz

Luis Cruz Puerto Rican lost in the Multiverse with his son and his fiance straight edge pescatarian and the love of comics. Cyclops and magneto are right
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Luis Cruz Puerto Rican lost in the Multiverse with his son and his fiance straight edge pescatarian and the love of comics. Cyclops and magneto are right

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