“There is Light at the End of the Tunnel or Shall We Say Outside the Dome.” (Uncanny Avengers #25 Comic Review)

Uncanny Avengers #25


Written By: Jim Zub

Pencils By: Kim Jacinto, Jahnoy Lindsay & Juanan Ramirez

Colors By: Tamra Bonvillain & Rachelle Rosenberg

Published By: Marvel


Monsters? Check, Hero & Villain tag team? Check, Action Packed Story? Check, Neighbourhood watch in action!? CHECK! This Secret Empire crossover is finally off the Unity Squad’s #SquadGoals List!


Previously: The Unity Squad (minus Quicksilver) is trapped inside the Darkforce Dome. The team split up to save as much civilians as they can while Dr. Voodoo tries to figure out what going on at the same time find a way to get them free. Meanwhile, Rogue struggles to take the lead and ends up teaming up with The Shocker and Scorpia. By the end of last issue, Voodoo’s body get possessed by a demon.


What You’ll Find Out: The story starts off action-packed. In Manhattan’s sewers.Rogue leads both The Shocker & Scorpia against hordes of demons. Human Torch, Wasp and Synapse try to battle it out with the Demon possessing Dr. Voodoo’s body.  You can see that the squad is almost reaching their limits. Synapse tries to communicate with Dr. Voodoo’s soul think it might still be reachable inside Voodoo’s body. The soul of Dr. Voodoo was able to communicate with Synapse, however he was no longer inside his physical body. The two then decides to share Synapse body in order to fight off the Demon in possession of Voodoo’s body. Back at the sewers, Rogue and her unlikely team-up defeated a number of demons only to find out a massive one attacks them. She then grabs the two villains and decides to get out and lead the demon at a more open space area above.  At the other end of the city, Human Torch and Wasp fights off demons when suddenly a bunch of civilians joins in helping our heroes fight off demons. Wasp, thanks them for the help and asks for their safety. Of course these civilians are tired of doing nothing and take things into their hands, with one even saying this reminded of “Inferno” (X-Men Inferno 1988-1989) (despite one of his friend telling him that he was not born yet when that happened.) Back to Rogue, who fought and finally defeated the demon with the help and funny banters plus side comments between The Shocker and Scorpia. Above, Voodoo/Synapse having difficulties fighting of Voodoo’s possessed body calls for help while both Wasp and Human Torch ae starting to get tired fighting off more hordes of Demons. Rogue hears Synapse call for help leaving both Shocker and Scorpia behind. She reaches Voodoo/Synapse and fight off the possessed body of Voodoo, in which she successfully releases the demon and defeats it. At the same time, this ends the entrapment of Manhattan under the dome and we see a bunch of superheroes that were also trapped in the dome relieved. The Unity Squad is together again and finally decides to continue the team, of course Wasp brought up that they would need to figure out who would take the leadership roles in which Rogue agrees.


What just happened:  Pretty the same like the previous issue. More action packed scenes and less plot development. It was good to see the civilians fighting back for a change. Although unnecessary, at least it added a bit of charm and at the same time sees a side of the civilians not being the victims. Also seeing that the superheroes need help from them too! The Shocker and Scorpia’s team up with Rogue was entertaining though. Plus some of my concerns from last issue were addressed; we get to see the other superheroes trapped inside the dome. Although it was only near at the end of the book.



  • Like the previous issue Awesome art and coloring
  • Action packed
  • Unlikely team ups with Villains and the Neighbourhood watch were kind of entertaining


  • Still very light on plot and character development


Final Thought: It’s clear that Zub is only focused on making this a filler story for the Secret Empire Crossover. At least he tried adding in small some plot devices for us to prepare for the upcoming issues after the crossover. The art is still good like the previous issue. Jacinto is still able to deliver good fights scenes. The two filler artists, Lindsay & Ramirez were also able to deliver some good art as well. I did notice some minor awkward art (Rogue releasing the demon from Voodoo’s Body) but I think it was more of the artist’s style. It didn’t feel rushed at all plus it sort off added a bit of charm to it. At least now we can say the Unity squad is done and over with Secret Empire.

Rating: 7/10

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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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