“GOOD GRIEF.” (Batman #27 Comic Review)

Batman #27: The War of Jokes and Riddles: Part Three

Writer: Tom King

Art: Mikel Janin

Cover: Mikel Janin

Penciled by: Clay Mann

Inked by: Danny Miki, John Livesay, and Clay Mann

Colors by: Gabe Eltaed


The City of Gotham begins to see the ramifications of the war between The Joker and The Riddler; no one is safe. Out of the ashes of the war, a new criminal emerges who has lost everything.

What you need to know:  The Joker and The Riddler continue their war and it is spreading through Gotham. A man finds himself in the middle of it and its outcome will only bring him pain.

What you’ll find out: Interlude part one. Charlie Brown finds himself smack in the middle between The Joker and The Riddler. Trying to figure out who he really is, he realizes that the outcome of everything will end in disaster. Looking for Batman’s help and understanding that the world is moving into a new era, he must become a new man.

What just happened? Charlie Brown a low level not important criminal finds himself being used as a pawn in the war between The Joker, The Riddler, and Batman. Trying to be a role model to his son, he realizes he must do certain things to be free from the madness. All he wants is to be the caring father his son needs. Sadly in Gotham, everything has a price when you play. Begging for Batman’s help he now understands this new world he lives in. With pain and sadness Charlie Brown becomes a new man, a man everyone (Especially The Riddler) will soon remember. “HELL YEAH.”

Rating: 8/10

Final Thoughts: Tom King does it again. This time he brings the war right into a normal man’s life. Not a super villain or even a regular villain, but a normal civilian like you or I who is down on his luck. He takes us into the life of Charlie Brown… no, not the one from The Peanuts Gang. This new take strikes closer to home as we realize how impactful this War of Jokes and Riddles has become. Batman fights to keep Gotham City safe, but does he understand the outcome of the war to its residence?






Hey, did you think this review was over? Well funny thing is it’s not, Crazy right? I thought the same thing when I was reading Batman #27. I was really enjoying it. Seeing Charlie Brown struggle and what happens to him really hits the heart. But as I thought I was done something crazy happened, something I was not expecting. Tom King out of nowhere surprises me with a little present. One I know you guys and ladies will enjoy. So enough of me, go scroll down and see what Tom King has given us. –Luis Cruz














Mister Miracle #1:Special Sneak Preview!

Writer: Tom King

Art: Mitch Gerads

Scott Free is back! But for how long will everything be safe? With his past giving him a visit what will he do now that he needs to be what he truly is?

What you need to know: Mister Miracle is back!

What you’ll find out: Scott Free and Barda living together. Someone from the past gives them a visit.

What just happened? Scott Free gets punched multiple times, but he keeps standing up!

Rating: 8/10

Final Thoughts: Can’t wait to see Mister Miracle back in action!





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Luis Cruz

Luis Cruz

Luis Cruz Puerto Rican lost in the Multiverse with his son and his fiance straight edge pescatarian and the love of comics. Cyclops and magneto are right
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Luis Cruz Puerto Rican lost in the Multiverse with his son and his fiance straight edge pescatarian and the love of comics. Cyclops and magneto are right

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