Murdock loses in court, while Soule loses my interest (Daredevil #24 Comic Review)

Daredevil #24


Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Alec Morgan

Color Artist: Matt Milla

Cover Artist: David Lopez



Kingpin’s new, virtuoso legal counsel was introduced. Tombstone tried to murder Matt Murdock and was as ineffective as usual. She-Hulk cameo’d. I got increasingly irritated with this arc.


What Happens:

The front page of the Daily Bugle reveals the verdict from the Court of Appeals- Murdock lost. The DA half-heartedly chastises Matt and tells him his career is basically kaput. Instead of licking his wounds and waiting for a new, better case to redeem himself, however, Matt wants to file a certiorari, basically petitioning the Supreme Court to hear his case despite his loss. The DA, displaying zero backbone, bends right over and tells Matt to go right ahead- but he can’t have any of the office’s resources at his disposal. He’s on his own.

Meanwhile, Kingpin is getting the breakdown of how the case went from Legal, who is pretty humble in acknowledging his victory, and clearly more interested in discussing payment and ending their professional relationship. Kingpin, menacingly, informs him that they are still in this together, and that if there’s even the smallest chance of this case moving forward (i.e. certiorari) Matt Murdock will try it. So Legal better get ready to win again.

Later that evening, a sickly, lecherous senior citizen and his home nurse…. Oh wait, that’s Foggy Nelson with his girlfriend Alina! Sorry, the art made it very difficult to understand. Anyway, as they’re in mid conversation, Matt basically walks in between them and is like, “oh, hope I’m not interrupting.” Yeah ok, I’m sure you feel just terrible about it. Luckily, Alina is looking for any excuse to leave the gross bar, and tells Foggy to text him when he’s done.


Foggy is, as you’d imagine, not overjoyed to see Matt. They do still manage to discuss the Slugansky case that Matt just botched, however, when Matt reveals the reason for his visit- he wants Foggy to help him file the petition to the Supreme Court to hear his case. Incredulous, Foggy chalks this up as yet another bad decision in the life of Matthew Murdock, Esq… but before he continues, they suddenly have to deal with the terrifying menace of…. Oh, it’s just Tombstone. Again. Yay.

Before Lonnie Lincoln, A-list villain, has a chance to finish what he started at the Lawyer Bar last issue, Matt throws a wet newspaper onto the hot dog grill (this bar has a hot dog grill. This fact, combined with the giant wooden animal-creature thing standing outside the front door, makes me realize this is based on an actual bar in Hell’s Kitchen that I have been to. And yes, it is pretty disgusting). The ensuing grease fire creates thick dark smoke that gives Matt enough cover to fight without blowing his secret identity. Matt lands a couple blows before police sirens blare and Tombstone runs off. What. A major. Threat. Such high stakes. Yawn.

As the smoke clears, Foggy and Matt sit together and Matt stops being polite and starts getting real.He knows that Foggy thinks he’s a screw-up and that Daredevil is ruining his life. But Matt considers DD as the best part of him, genuinely trying to do good for society. Foggy begins to relent, agreeing that appearing before the Supreme Court is his ultimate career ambition- but why should he do it with Matt? This is when Murdock FINALLY apologizes for, well, being Matt Murdock, which is all Foggy needs to hear. The dynamic duo is back together.



The Good, the Bad, and the Meh:


I can no longer remember time before this arc began. It is endless. Sometimes I question if I died without realizing it and my personal hell is reading an interminable arc of a dreadfully boring Daredevil story. Civilizations have been built, thrived, and collapsed in less time than it is taking to wrap up this substance free storyline. Well, not completely without substance- I have learned what “certiorari” means. Though I suspect it would be more compelling to have discovered that by reading a legal dictionary cover to cover than this issue.

Who the hell is this pushover District Attorney that is letting Murdock do whatever the hell he wants without any care as to the reputation of his office? I have watched enough Law & Order that I am basically an attorney at this point, and I can say with a fair amount of certainty that no DA in their right mind would allow Matt to pursue such an improbable last ditch effort. I don’t care if Matt is preternaturally gifted at practicing law. He just lost a high profile case with an argument that has some iffy ethical concerns to set a precedent that is not nearly as important as he thinks it is. Stop trying to make fetch happen, Matt Murdock.

Say something nice, say something nice… I like the cover! It does an admirable job of making Tombstone appear like a halfway decent villain! The rest of the issue does not. During the fight, Matt even acknowledges that Tombstone is joke, and barely worth the effort it takes to throw a punch. SO WHY WOULD YOU HAVE HIM AS THE BAD GUY TWICE IN AS MANY MONTHS?? Who on Earth is clamoring for more Tombstone?!?!

Seriously, I don’t understand why we’re supposed to care about this at all. Even the characters are very “whatever” about everything. The DA’s office just lost a major  case in front of the squad? Eh, so what. Some shadowy figure has put a hit out on Matt Murdock? Big deal. Even Wilson Fisk, who is usually pretty reliable at bringing some sort of high stakes to a story is just… there.

Did I like anything else? Um… oh, I am relieved that Foggy and Matt are patching things up. I like when friends are friends. I mean, obviously it’s fun soapy drama when besties fight, but a friendship with as much history as these guys have deserves a reconciliation. I’m hoping Foggy doesn’t just turn a blind eye to Matt’s antics though, and continues being his slightly disapproving Jiminy Cricket.

Oh, if anyone sees Ron Garney or Goran Sudžuka, please tie them to a chair and don’t let them up until they have finished pencils for at least the next few months. I do not need Alec Morgan and his unnecessarily lined faces ever again in this lifetime. Foggy does not have movie star good looks, but he shouldn’t look like a 60 year old hobo, either.


Final Say:

Not even the return of Foggy and Matt’s friendship is enough to put out this grease fire.


Rating: 4.8/10



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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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