Same as it Never Was (The Flash #25 Comic Review)

The Flash #25


Written By: Joshua Williamson

Pencils By: Carmine Di Giandomenico

Colors By: Karl Kerschl


What You Need to Know:


Remember the days of old? That is the general topic of this issue Thawne asks Barry so brilliantly and eloquently. All of the pre established Flash lore and mythos is here it did happen. But it’s missing ever since Flashpoint certain events have been altered and have played out differently in this new timeline but Thawne and Barry are the only two that know it. There are a lot of easter eggs in here for hardcore Flash fans so if you guys know your history you’ll be in for a treat.


What You’ll Find Out:


For me personally this was a perfect issue now there’s not a lot of action because it is in fact a very dialogue centric issue but more importantly it’s a Reverse Flash centric issue as Thawne takes center stage of the issue. He explains his origin for the uninitiated but while as comic readers we’ve always known his origin we’ve never known the motivation as to why. Well we do now and let’s just say meeting your heroes can be painful.



What Just Happened?


That my friends is the whole point of this issue Thawne proving to Iris but more so to Barry that he isn’t the hero he thinks he is. That his actions have consequences, that he hurts more people than he saves or helps, that he’ll always hurt those closest to him, that he’s a liar, and that he will always be The Flash before he is Barry Allen. These are some tough questions and lessons to lay down in front of one’s girlfriend but the Professor is here to teach and as always they completely nail how Eobard is as a character. Devious, yet oh so charming you just love him and hate him all the same time. Now of course seeing Thawne vulnerable was such an interesting yet satisfying revelation and of course seeing it at the hands of his hero makes it all the more tragic. Seeing Thawne get to Barry like this psychologically and get in his head like this in the form of all of Barry’s doubts and insecurities and allowing them to just manifest there like a seed that he planted boosts up Thawnes creepy factor from just your run of the mill sociopath.


Final Thoughts:


The intimacy and personal relationship these to have is what always made they’re games of cat and mouse so interesting to me and no issue better showcases that then here. Thawne owns every panel he’s in and commands your attention as this is as good as villains get and when he’s written like this is honestly as interesting a character as the Joker. But similar to last issue this issue is all about exposition and more importantly Thawnes backstory but that being said this has to be one of the best written issues of the entire series. Thawne tells his story in such a tragic bloodcurdling way you almost feel sorry for him and since he’s such an intriguing character who chews the scenery like an oscar winning actor he’s the most interesting and the best part about this issue so I’m glad the emphasis was placed where it needed to be.

There’s not really a lot of action here for a 29 page book surprisingly but again it’s mostly used to flesh out Thawne and it makes him all the more real and unsettling for it. There are some fistacuffs thrown between Barry and Thawne. But it doesn’t last long and this issue does end on a pretty satisfying cliffhanger that will have you smiling but in anticipation wanting more so I won’t spoil that. This was one of those issues that while not a lot happens its integral you read it for the plot and so you can get a better understanding of your villain. I may be a little biased with my rating here considering my love for the character but with that being said there was never a moment I wasn’t invested in Thawne’s story. The storytelling is incredible here and honestly at some of its finest as well as the artwork which is equally as amazing.


Rating: 10/10

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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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