A reunion with outlaw biker werewolves? Only Wynonna! (Wynonna Earp Season 0 Issue #2 Comic Review)

Wynonna Earp
Season 0 Issue #2
Writer: Beau Smith and Tim Rozon
Artist: Angel Hernandez
Colors : Jay Fotos
Letters: Christa Miesner
Editor: Carlos Guzman
Publisher: IDW Publishing
What you need to know:
So far, Wynonna Earp, decendent of Wyatt Earp, is a member of the U.S. Marshals’ Black Badge Division.  Wynonna thought she had escaped her past, only to find it coming back to haunt her.  Once a member of a biker gang called The Banditos, she learns that one of the founding members is now dead.  Now she’s on the path to find out who killed her friend.
What just happened:
Wynonna is on a mission alone, without telling anyone, leaving Deputy Dolls and her sister Waverly in a frenzy.  Determined to find out where Wynonna has gone, they head straight to the only person who might know, Doc Holliday.  In his smooth talking mannerism, Doc has nothing to hide, but isn’t going to make it easy for them either.  Dolls is unable to control his anger, as he lashes out at Doc, unable to tolerate his silver tongue. Both men obviously care for Wynonna, but go about it in different ways.  Dolls feels the need to protect her as if she’s fragile, while Doc knows the only way to protect her, is to be there for her, on her terms.  Dolls attacks Doc, and the two fight with words and fists. The fight is finally ends when Waverly hits Doc with a bar stool, and demands to know where Wynonna has gone, while reminding both that Wynonna doesn’t need a man.
Doc finally tells everyone that Wynonna came to him late at night, needing his help to finally settle a blood feud from her past.  A mission that she needed to do on her own, but of course, those who love her cannot allow that.  Wynonna has left for a place where her past started, and continues to haunt her, a place she called “The Bloody Porch.”
As Wynonna rides through the desert on a motorcycle, she is caught in the crosshairs of a would be sniper, who turns out to be her old friend Cowboy Bob. We get to see where her dry, witty, snarky, and sometimes inappropriate sense of humor as she jokes with him, as  Cowboy Bob foreshadows something dark is plaguing her old comrads, and trouble is brewing.
We then see a group of soldiers preparing to move out.  One of them, Brock, goes to approach the leader, Keegan, to tell him Wynonna has been spotted in the area.  Keegan is seen staring off into the distance, lost in his own thoughts.  As he speaks to Brock, he reminds him of the price that they all have paid to become “enhanced”, and some paid more than others.
With Dolls and Valdez in one vehicle, and Waverly, Officer Haught, and Doc in another, they set out to find Wynonna and help her.  Dolls fills Valdez in about a group called “Alpha X”, soldiers who once went through a program called DNAdvancement Program.  Valdez tells Dolls that during a mission years ago, he went through a similar experience with an enhanced being.
Once again, we see Wynonna’s sarcasm shine through as she is reunited with the rest of her old team.  Despite their rough demeanor, they can’t help but show their soft side for our girl.  As they catch up, they warn Wynonna that their situation is out of her league, and Alpha X is the next generation.  In true Earp fashion, she rallies her old team in a never quit fashion, as her new team shows up and joins the fight.
Meanwhile in the distance, tracker Heiwa has her eyes on our heros, and radios back to Keegan, confirming that Wynonna is here and wearing a mysterious key around her neck.  With their guns out, firing in the sky and cheering, Keegan’s team heads out to do battle with Earp and her own unique army.
Final Thought:
When you read a comic that is also a television show, you need to step back and separate the two worlds.  Comics are a way for a writer to go deeper into the story, give more insight into the minds of the characters, and more freedom to push the story past its tv limits.  It was refreshing to read a comic and look at Wynonna and her team from a different angle, but at the same time, able to read their lines, with the matching voices. Doc Holliday’s twang and snide, but gentlemanly, back handed, deep one liners ring in your ears.  Waverly’s awkward and caring flirting with her girlfriend Officer Haught, makes you love this goofy pair even more.  Dolls jealous, but well meaning rage, burn up the pages as he explodes on Doc, trying to be Wynonna’s super hero, while trying to come to grips that she doesn’t need him to protect her.  It wouldn’t be Wynonna though if we didn’t see her sarcastic, sharp wit, and fearless attitude, even towards the gruffest of characters.  It’s a new world away from the show, but still very familiar. Smith and Rozon are building up to something big, dark, and extremely dangerous for the group, and despite how strong Wynonna is, she’ll still need the support of those who love her.  I give it an 8/10, only because it’s a more of a story telling issue, than an action issue.  Nothing wrong with that, but Wynonna in action is something to behold!
Rating: 8/10

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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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