“All Eyes on Me!” (Generation X issue 05 Comic Review)

Generation X #6

Writer: Christina Strain

Penciler: Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque

Color Artists: Felipe Sobreiro

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Eye-Boy’s mutant powers develop more than how he expected it to be. Now he able to see things he wished he could unsee. With the help of Nature Girl and an unlikely encounter with a low tier villain, it looks like Trevor is starting to understand more about his mutant gift!


Previously: The lovable losers decides to take the matter it their hands and find the mysterious attacker who’s been harming the students in the new Xavier’s Institute. What they found out is not something they were expecting. M-plate is back! The kids try to defeat her to no avail. Meanwhile Jubilee finds out that her students have ran-off from school, breaking the curfew to hunt down the mysterious attacker. She was able to find them thanks to Phoebe Cuckoo’s help. Pixie transports both Jubilee and Chamber on time to save the kids. But this also had Jubes and Jono surprised to find out that their former classmate, Monet St. Croix (M) is now merged back with his vampire brother, Emplate and was the one who has been mysteriously attacking their students. M-Plate escapes the unlikely showdown/reunion. Jubilee is angered by the thought that M has been harming their students and is determined to beat her if ever they encounter M-Plate again.

What You’ll Find Out: After last issues showdown with M-Plate, we see Trevor (Eye-Boy) being trained by Jubilee. She facilitates an activity in which Trevor must locate 3 blue chips and 3 red chips being passed around and hidden by his classmates all over the campus. He was able to find all the chips, or so he thought. Jubilee pointed out that he was only able to find 5 chips which meant that he is still missing one. With only 36 seconds left running on the timer, Trevor tried to concentrate and stayed focused which made him tapped on a new ability. He was now able to see beyond people’s clothing. With this he was able to find the last chip which was with Chamber all along. Of course this made an awkward situation for Eye-boy since he was also able to see Chamber naked in the process. Who by the way was also talking with his other classmates Morph (Benjamin Deeds) who was also seen by him, naked and Nature Girl who for some reasons was the only person he can see normally.

In an awkward way he informs Jubilee that the last chip is with Chamber before the timer ran out. Despite the successful training, Jubilee was kind of confused with Trevor’s reaction and haste to leave the training room. Later, Trevor had lunch with his fellow classmates Nathaniel (Hindsight), Benjamin Deeds and Lin Li (Nature Girl). Roxy (Bling!) joins the group asking them if they had seen her large gold signet ring. They inform her that they haven’t seen it; Trevor suggested that she might have dropped it somewhere in the cafeteria or that someone might have took it from her. This then triggered Trevor to use another new skill/ability. His plentiful eyes’ sight powers are now capable to have X-Ray vision. This surprises him a lot, which his classmates took notice of his sudden reaction and asked if he was okay. He then had to go through his entire day seeing everyone in X-ray vision. This actually strains Trevor and he explains his current situation to Nature Girl. During their talk Trevor then witnessed a raccoon stealing Rockslide’s wallet. He tries to warn Santo but Santo dismisses him and inform him that he should stop watching to many porn online (Lol teenagers.) Lin tells Trevor she believes him and decides to find the thieving raccoon. While looking for the raccoon the two discusses briefly about Lin’s power to communicate with Plants and animal and how they still have communication problems with her because they see as a human being. The trees then tell her that they are now close by to their target when all of a sudden the raccoon attacked them from above. Lin is having a hard time communicating with the raccoon and reveals that lil’ critter is being hypnotized. She was able to break the hypnosis from the Raccoon and there the raccoon explains to both kids that the Rat King is the one behind all of these animals stealing from people in Central park. The two kids then decide to take down the Rat King. Like any other villains now in Gen X, the Rat King’s hideout is in the Sewers. They were able to find him but the Rat King was able to take control of Nature Girl and the animals that came with them. He ordered them to attack Eye-boy, who was getting beaten up. This made Trevor question his ability and powers. He then focuses and concentrates and luckily was able to regain control of his sight powers. He then threw a rat that bit him to the Rat King which in the process disarmed the Rat King of his flute which was the source of power to hypnotize Nature Girl and the rest of the animals. Trevor then breaks the flute and almost beats the Rat King, when Nature Girl and the animals that were released from the villains control took over the fight from Eye-boy. The issue then ends with Eye-boy sharing his amazement with Nature Girls powers to have them locate Roxy’s ring and Santo’s wallet back in the campus grounds. Lin then tells Trevor not to share this with the group too his amazement, but still decided that he will keep it between them and that he’ll just tell Roxy he found her ring in the hallways of their school. Lin thanked him and in return will also keep it a secret that Trevor saw Chamber’s “Wedding Bells.”


What just happened: This was definitely a light hearted filler story. It was interesting and very nice to see that Strain is developing Eye-boys powers. It was really funny to see Trevor struggle and learn how to control his new ability. The art by Alburquerque was also very refreshing. But it still kind of looked like he was trying to re-imagine and capture the feel and style of Pinna’s art. What was nice though is how Sobreiro’s coloring perfectly matches with the art this time around. It’s not the strongest issue for the current Generation X series, however it was very entertaining to see Eye-boy struggle and learn how to use his powers effectively. Strain was also able to make Nature Girl an interesting character and shed some more information about her skills.


  • Feel good issue
  • Trevor finally develops more useful skills with mutant powers
  • Although she did not develop anything new, Nature Girl was still able to use her powers at very interesting matter.
  • The humor in this book is funny (but can be entirely subjective)
  • Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque’s art and how it worked very well with Sobreiro’s colors



  • The Antagonist, Rat King
  • The plot itself was kind of weak


Final Thought: Weakest issue so far for Generation X, but still fun to read, & it felt more like a one-shot. Hopefully Strain is able to utilize the character developments she did for both Eye-Boy and Nature Girl in an effective way in the coming issues (and in the long run.)

Rating: 7/10


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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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