Reunion of the 5 Wives of Black Bolt (Royals #6 Comic Review)

Royals #6
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Kevin Libranda
Color Artist: Jose Villarrubia
Lettered by: VC’s Clayton Cowles
What you need to know:
Medusa and her team have traveled to Hala, the former throne world of the Kree Empire, now a shattered planet.  Their mission was to find a way to restore their future, by investigating the past of the Inhuman race.  Upon arriving on Hala, they are attacked by a Black Vortex enhanced Ronan, who traps them in their own private world of guilt.  The escape by facing their guilt.  Marvel Boy has planted the Plex Intelligence seed, the last seed from his dimensions version of the Supreme Intelligence.
What just happened:
Five thousand years from now, we see the Last Acusser, the Last Inhuman (an ancient Maximus), and an unknown human on a journey through a dead world.  The human seemingly doesn’t make it far before he succumbs to the harsh enviroment, and the Last Inhuman and Accuser just keep walking.  They can only move onward.
With the planting of the Plex Intelligence, Ronan finally sees a chance at a future for the Kree, but is still haunted by the past.  Crystal tries her best to reach out to her ex husband, but he rejects her help.  In a heartbreaking panel, we see the pain that Ronana carries, as he pushes Crystal away.  Despite wanting to stay with Ronan to help him heal, he tells her she’s not welcomed and to leave.  Crystal is left in tears.
When leaving Hala, Maximus couldn’t resist taking jabs at broken hearted Crystal.  Gorgon goes in to stop him, but instead Medusa swoops in, grabs a hold of Maximus by his hair and whacks his head against the wall, reminding him that she does not need her hair to hurt him.  That’s when she vaguely informs him that the next leg of their journey is a diplomatic one, and his charm would be needed.
To Maxiums’ surprise, he was put in chains and lead into a great city by leash and collar.  They are now in the city of Novahala, the home of the Universal Inhumans.  Prehistoric humans weren’t the only race the Kree experimented on, there were countless other species.  Four of the other civilizations were lead by the four Queen wives of Black Bolt.  The Queens have been banned from their home planets too after Thanos attacked Earth.  This is their new world.
Medusa addresses them as kin by a shared prophecy and by the stars, but the other Queens seem to know she’s no longer Queen.  When asked where Black Bolt is, she explains to them that Black Bolt has been exiled by her own hand, due to trickery by Maximus, and says she’s paying for it by dying, and when she does die, Maximus would join her for his deeds.  Maximus is in shock, and she whispers to him that she actually just saved his life.
She asks Marvel Boy to step forward and explain why they are here, The Skyspears!  These mysteries Skyspears which had fallen to Earth, have the ability to increase an Inhuman’s powers and takes control of them.  Our Inhumans believe they were sent by Gods.  Gods that had engineered the Kree, the Progenitors. Medusa believes these Progenitors have the catalyst given to the Inhumans, their Terrigen, and the future to restoring their race, and she needs to know if any Skyspears have fallen on Novahala.  Queen Moord asks The Light Brigade to entertain the other Inhumans, as the Queens talk in private.
Blackbane of the Light Brigade notices that the warrior of the group, Gorgon is weighed down by a heavy heart.  One warrior to another, he tells Gorgon to join him while the rest of the team explore Novahala.  Blackbane offers to take Gorgon out drinking so the two can bond.   Obviously the guilt world that Ronan had trapped him in, has weighed heavily on Gorgon, and Blackbane wants to help.  Suddenly Gorgon is weighed down by severe pain in his back and is flattened to the ground.
Final Thought:
This is a very emotional issue for our Inhumans.  Medusa feels horrible guilt for exiling her husband, despite their issues, she still loves him.  On top of that she feels finding him will be impossible, but instead of trying, she puts duty in front of her heart and continues on their mission.  Crystal is torn by duty and love also after seeing Ronan again.  This time it’s Ronan that picked duty over love.  Maximus is still insensitive as always.  Gorgon is suffering not only from his back injury, but a broken heart too.  The guilt world put him face to face with his dead love Myrra, who accuses him for her death and what has happened to their children.  Medusa despite dying, feels obligated to save the Inhuman race.  It’s her incredible guilt for destroying the Terrigen that is driving her.  Despite the bright colors and amazing art, this is a heart heavy issue.  Throughout history, Royals have always chosen duty over the heart, and you see it in everyone of their eyes (except Maximus of course).
Rating: 9.2/10
I just want them to have a happy ending for once, they deserve it.

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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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