Logan, Sabretooth, and Their Three Forgotten Friends (Weapon X #7 Comic Review)

Weapon X #7

Author:  Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente

Artists:  Marc Borstel & Ibraim Roberson

Colorist:  Frank D’Armata

Their partnership with Amadeus Cho is over…now Logan and Sabretooth hunt Weapon H!  All by themselves….

Oh…wait…there are others in this comic?  Really?

Previously:  Weapon X developed cyborgs using the DNA from several mutants to create the ultimate killing machine:  A Hulk creature with adamantium coated claws!  Logan’s team managed to scatter Weapon X (although Stryker and Dr. Alba managed to escape) and now they’ve rebranded their team as Weapon X and are tracking the new Weapon H creature…but so is Stryker.

Currently:  The man who is the escaped Weapon H is walking along an empty highway (in his human form) when a trucker stops and offers him a lift.  He offers the guy some coffee and identifies Weapon H as a former marine based on certain clues.  They pull into a weigh station and as the truck is sitting there, Weapon H notices some oddities.  But before he can figure out what’s going on, the truck next to him opens up and a ton (probably literally, I bet those things weigh a lot) of cyborgs pour out.  The trucker who picked him up, pulls a gun.  Weapon H grins…his eyes glow red.

An hour later, Stryker shows up with an armed escort and Dr. Alba…who is restrained.  They find the weigh station, the trucks, the cyborgs…and the cyborg trucker…all trashed.

In a nearby forest, Weapon X (the good ones now) track Weapon H.  And interestingly enough, Logan now wants a chance to talk to him (a little ironic considering he didn’t want to give Cho that same benefit with Hulkverine).

Weapon H wakes from from a dream, where he sees himself and finds out his name is Clay, just in time for Weapon X to find him.  Logan declares his wish to just talk, but Clay’s eyes glow red again…  uh oh!

Thoughts/Reviews/Snide Comments:  As we finally end the disappointing Weapons of Mass Destruction, we’re treated to a decent story tracking down the newest character in the X-Men’s universe.  I have to wonder if we’ll end up seeing Clay/Weapon H cross over into other titles.  It’s actually really interesting because it parallels Hulk’s journey (the original Hulk) of waking up from his transformations, not really knowing what happened.  Of course it’s a bit more violent with Weapon H because he was genetically engineered to be a killer AND HE’S GOT HUGE FRIGGIN CLAWS.  Oddly enough, we don’t actually see the Hulked out Weapon H in this issue and we don’t need to.  The pacing is good and the flashbacks really fit in well, as some of Weapon H’s memories spill over to Clay’s consciousness.

I’m still a little frustrated as this seems to be a mostly Logan/Sabretooth story and Deathstrike/Domino/Warpath are just tagging along, not contributing anything except a minor point to help move things along (such as Domino flying the jet or Warpath being able to track Weapon H).  I’m also mystified about how Alba is able to shoot four armed soldiers with a handgun before any of them can react.  They all four were aiming at her and somehow she gets the drop on them?  Even for a comic book, that’s pushing the limits.

But honestly, my issues with this book are overshadowed by the humanity Pak puts into the characters, especially Clay.  And I don’t think it’d be anywhere near what it needs to be without the duo of Borstel and Ibraim Roberson.  Roberson’s art is top notch here and sure, it’s not flashy, but instead brings a quiet, realistic feel to the book which is a nice change of pace from most comics.  The close ups are great to look at, even the mouth twitches and the shots of eyes.  Roberson is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists I never even knew about.

Final Thoughts:  We’re back to just the mutants.  And I’m glad.  After Weapons of Mass Destruction, I’m cautiously optimistic about the path we’re now taking and definitely curious in the future developments of Weapon H.

Rating: 8/10

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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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