“Boys Night Out!!” (Generation X #6 Comic Review)

Generation X #6


Writer: Christina Strain

Penciler: Eric Koda

Color Artists: Felipe Sobreiro

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Kid Omega yet again, breaks their school’s curfew dragging Morph and Hindsight for an exclusive Auction filled with villains. What could go wrong? Meanwhile Jubilee and Chamber patrols around Central Park in hopes to catch M-Plate.


Previously: Eye-Boy learns some new tricks with his mutant ability, but this ability made him see things he wished he hadn’t seen.  Overwhelmed with his new abilities, he shared his experience to his classmate, Nature Girl. While sharing, they’ve witnessed a Raccoon stealing Rockslide’s wallet. This then sent them on a misadventure discovering why the animals in Central Park were stealing valuables. They had found out that this was due to the mind control of the Evil Rat King. The two were then able to find the hideout of the D-lister fiend and defeated the Rat King’s evil vendetta against humanity.


What You’ll Find Out: After last issue’s bizarre adventure with Eye-Boy and Nature Girl. This book starts off with another typical class day for the students at Xavier’s Institute. In Room 204, Professor Doop is handling his Advanced Mutant Sexuality class and is discussing, what seems to be about dating and social network dating apps and what I think is how mutants should love their own skin. Hindsight (Nathaniel Carver) was looking concerned seeing his fellow team-mate/classmate Morph (Benjamin Deeds) ending up sleeping in class. He noticed Benjamin had the same wrist band with Kid Omega (Quentin Quire) and then asked Quire what he was up to, breaking curfew, running off late at night & dragging Morph. Quentin shrugs off and denies Nathaniel’s accusations, forcing Nathaniel to use his power to see the past activities Quire and Deeds were doing. Quentin, who was surprised by the intrusion, asked why Nathaniel used his powers without his permission as he knew Nathaniel doesn’t do that normally. Hindsight responded saying that he thought of “what would Quentin do if he were in his shoes” which was using his powers to intrude someone’s thoughts without permission. The class was then disrupted when sleepy Benjamin’s head fell toward his table, having the pencil he held poke his eye and him reacting by standing up, screaming in pain. Later after class, Hindsight and Morph sees Quentin Quire chasing after his ex-girlfriend, Oya (Idie Okonwo) trying to invite her out for Sushi (which is consistent in the X-Books since for this week’s issue of Iceman, we also get to see Quentin still asking Idie out for Sushi.) Oya declines Quentin’s invitation. Hindsight tells Morph that he should learn a thing or two from Idie on how to decline Quire’s invitations. But Morph tells Hindsight that he is just being there as a friend for Quire because he feels that Quentin is one of the loneliest person he has met. Quire, who was disappointed from his rejection, notices the 2 and then informs Benjamin that he has something special planned for them that evening. To Benjamin’s surprise, Nathaniel then inserts himself in the conversation and declined Quentin’s invitation for Morph, telling him that they already made plans to watch an indie flick together, that evening. Quentin replies that their idea for the evening was lame which then made Nathaniel responded by asking what Quire had planned for THEM (inviting himself to sort off watch over the two.) Quentin then says that Nathaniel can join in and that they must suit up for the evening’s agenda.

Later, we see Jubilee (Jubilation Lee) and Chamber (Jonothon Starsmore) patrolling around Central Park in hopes to find M-Plate. Jubes expressed how sleepy she was and how late it was for her to be patrolling around that time. They joked around on how to lure M-Plate out with Jubilee having an idea to leave an expensive face cream and diamond studded nail file on a bench, which Jono thought was jokingly clever. Jubilee then mentions to Jono that they never really planned what to do if ever they find M-Plate. Jono responded that it was obvious what they should do; take down both M and Emplate with no hesitations. Jubilee then responded by asking Jono if he would do the same if she lost control of her vampirism. Chamber, surprised by her response asked her where that idea came from. Jubilee expressed her worries that she might one day lose control of her vampirism again. More and so she shared her fear for the safety of her son, Shogo and her students whom she already treats like her own children. Her worries were that she might end up with the same predicament as Monet. Their conversation was then cut short when they both heard a civilian asking for help. They both then find a hooded guy trying to mug civilians. Jubilee and Jono were able to stop the mugger with her remembering again how fun patrolling and fighting crime was. Jono asked her how much time was left with her agreement with Dani Moonstar babysitting Shogo. Jubilee said they had a couple hour left and the two then happily decided that it was enough time to continue their patrol and stop 2 -3 more muggers.

Elsewhere, we see Kid Omega, Hindsight and Morph in a fancy place surrounded by super villains. The auction was revealed to be held by the former Black King of the Hellfire Club, Kade Killgore. Kade sees the trio and asked Quentin who he was with. Quentin then answers back that he was with Nathaniel his stuck-up servant and Benji his twin boyfriend. Nathaniel notices a reaction from Morph, while Kade leaves the trio sort of uncomfortable with Quire’s response and to start off the auction. It was then revealed that one of the items Kade was auctioning was one of his family’s industry’s newest model of Nano-sentinels designed to destroy mutants from inside out. The surprised Gen X trio talked telepathically that they had to do something, but Quentin points out that it was too expensive for him to get the item. The item was then finally sold to the known super-villain twincest, the Fenris Twins. The book then ends with Morph telling both Quentin and Nathaniel to let the twins win, because he had a plan to stop them by stealing the item away.


What just happened: I actually enjoyed this issue. First of all, it was interesting to see Kid Omega’s relationship with his roomie Morph. It was already teased from previous issues that Quire had a conniving look towards Benjamin, which made readers worried as to what his plans were. It turned out that he was tagging Benjamin along, breaking out of Kitty Pryde’s & Jubilee’s imposed curfew to go out on late night misadventures! Hindsight being concerned regarding Kid Omega’s influence on Morph was interesting too! I could sense that Nathaniel is acting like the Big brother to most of his teammates (Kind of reminded me how Synch was to the original Gen X kids.) Plus, Kid Omega not getting over Oya and asking her out again for date was nice indication that Strain has plans to dive into that plot again soon. Interesting enough, that it looked like Kid Omega’s rebellious attitude is now more of trying to cover up his heartbreak. As per what Benjamin said to Nathaniel, he thinks Quentin Quire is one of the loneliest person he’s ever met. I also want to add how it was a cool reference to connect the “sushi invitation” reference in another X-Book released the same week, Iceman issue 5 (Now if only they also addressed Eye-Boy’s injury back when he got hurt in X-Men Gold.) Another thing I liked about this issue is the focus on Jubilee and Chamber patrolling around Central Park looking for M-Plate. It was kind of funny how they had an idea how to lure Monet by leaving an expensive face cream and nail file on a bench, which was a nod to Monet’s rich girl problems when they were younger. I liked how Jubilee was expressing her fear of losing control over her vampirism. Another indication of her growth & maturity as an X-Men, Single Mother and a mentor. This means that she is becoming more selfless and more concerned for the welfare of others (but you know what? she was always like that towards Wolverine when she was younger) and at the same time, to sort of put herself in Monet’s shoes. Although short and quick It was also fun to see Jubilee and Jono fight crime again which added some extra points for me. Sometimes I do still wish that Jubilee reverts back to her bubbly and positive self, however I find it interesting that she is now starting to realize how big her responsibilities are now. Back to the 3 boys who broke their curfew to attend an exclusive Auction for villains. I was really entertained between Quentin’s interaction with former Hellfire Club’s Black King, Kade Killgore. Especially when Quentin introduced Benjamin as his boyfriend. That part kind of teased that Morph might be crushing over Kid Omega, when Hindsight noticed Benjamin’s reaction. Either that or Benjamin hasn’t opened up to Nathaniel that he was gay and might be crushing on him (and not Quire)? Well we’ll find out eventually, which is why I find that scene very intriguing. Plus, I thought it was a great idea to add the Fenris Twins as their opponents next issue, kind of a nostalgic nod to when the original Gen X kids fought them back in Generation X annual 96’.


  • Although it was rough for the 1st few pages, I kind of liked Eric Koda’s art for this issue. The characters expressions were really drawn well and despite its quirkiness better than Pinna’s works on previous issues. But based o my observation, I have a feeling that the editors wanted a certain style for the book since I could see that Koda was trying to emulate a bit of Pinna’s style (which was also noticeable with Alburquerque’s art last issue.)


  • It is very clear that Christina Strain wants to develop the characters, giving each of them spotlights on the book. Some people might not like the slow pacing of the story, however I find it much better than X-Men Gold where the pacing of the story is so fast that the only character that shines and is focused the most is Kitty, while the rest team felt like extras and out of character. I think the only (minor) problem with Generation X is that the story feels much slower because the book is only released once every month.


  • I like how Strain is giving us a different side of the characters, how Kid Omega is coping with his break up with Oya, Hindsight being concerned and acting like a big brother to Morph, Morph’s questionable reaction when Kid Omega announced to Kade that he was his boyfriend & Jubilee’s fear of losing control over her vampirism and harming the kids.



  • I don’t think I found anything wrong with this issue. Although, I feel that most readers might still find the art a bit weak. I don’t think it’s a con for me in this issue, since I actually enjoyed Koda’s work in this book.


Final Thought: Another awesome writing and character development from Christina Strain. I enjoyed the relationship she is building between Hindsight, Kid Omega and Morph. The best part is how she can write Jubilee’s character development very well. The way she is handling & writing Jubilee’s fear/self-doubts and concerns added depth to the character’s maturity as a mentor to the kids and her struggle as a single mother. Koda’s art was the cherry on top of the cream. With his quirky style and very expressive art, I ended up enjoying the flow of the panels and relating to each character in the book with ease. Sobreiro’s coloring was still perfect for the quirky art style and added the right mood for each scene. I especially enjoyed how he colored and set the mood when Jubilee and Chamber were patrolling around the park at night and how the mood shifted to being classy during the auction scenes.

Rating: 8.5/10


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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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