Harley turns 25! (Harley Quinn #25 Comic Review)

Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special

Written By:Paul Dini, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Chip Zdarsky

Art By: Amanda Conner, Various, Joseph A Quinones Jr., Chad Hardin

Cover:Amanda Conner

Variant: Bruce Timm and Jim Lee

Synopsis: Harley Quinn and her admirer RedTool, (the obvious DC mockery of Marvel’s Merc With A mouth Deadpool) playing a game of cards which turns into her explaining her trip with Poison Ivy and Catwoman to Las Vegas.


What You’ll Need To Know: Harley Quinn’s birthday just past, she made her debut 25 years ago on September 11, 1992! She is a fairly young character in the comic book universe but has definitely gotten a huge following after her debut in Batman: The Animated Series, to having her own comic series in The New 52, then her part as a lead in the Suicide Squad.  Obviously she’s been in a ton more, but that’s where she got the most fame. Harley Quinn’s popularity rises from her being a quirky, cute villain and sidekick/lover to Joker and then coming into her own after separating from Mista J and realizing how toxic the relationship actually was. Being on her own, she’s no longer a villain, but a funny anti-hero who gets into crazy antics.


What Just Happened? Not sure if DC created RedTool for this series because  a lot of people are calling Harley Quinn DC’s own Deadpool due to her consistent breaking of the 4th wall, villain turned antihero, talking to herself (sorry, it’s the voices) or because a lot of people ship Harley and Deadpool because they’re both kickass and crazy. Anyways, he is madly in love with her and it’s kind of adorable. They are waiting on a ring of human traffickers to murder, they play a game of truth or dare and Redtool asks Harley what went down on her trip to Vegas with the other Sirens. For some reason, Harls really doesn’t want to discuss this trip. What could be that crazy that is has to stay in Vegas? I’ve never been to Vegas I wouldn’t know. Was there a murder? Tattoos in inappropriate places? I’d love to see a Hangover movie Gotham City Sirens edition. Because they actual one wasn’t that funny and we all know it.


Rating: 8/10


Final Thoughts:


It was super short, but super funny! I adore this art style by Conner since I’ve always loved the cover art. All the others are great too! It was a great mixed of talents.


This is a small cluster of a few different Harley stories and they’re all great! It’s like Christmas!


Birthday Blues


Written By: Paul Dini

Artist: Chad Hardin

Letters: Dave Sharpe
Editor:  Chris Conroy
Assistant Editor: Dave Welgosz


Synopsis: Harley in the timeline of Batman:The Animated Series, reflects on her past birthdays and how they’ve never been all that great.


Poor Harley is in a cake shopping looking for cakes to send herself for her birthday. So far the best birthday she’s had is one that she celebrated with her pet hyenas. They ate all her cake though! Another year, she was caught in a crime-spree by Batman and got arrested! Well, this year she’s in for a literal surprise! A surprise birthday party thrown by The Joker! Which is really weird because he’s not the type to do nice things for Harley. We’ve all had that kind of partner, unfortunately. I want to keep this spoiler free since this is a short story, but we’ll learn his motives for doing that!


Rating: 8/10


Getting a blast from the past in a timeline that follows one of the best cartoons ever is great!


Harley Quinn and Friends In: Somewhere That’s Green


Writer: Daniel Kibblesmith

Artist: David Lafuente

Colors: John Rauch

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Editor: Dave Wielgosz


There’s a huge storm and people are doing what they always do, freak out and try and prep for it. Perfect timing with all the hurricanes, right? Swamp Thing calls for Poison Ivy to combine powers and try and reason with Mother Earth. Harley wants to join along in the ride even though Swamp Thing is very skeptical.


Swamp Thing was created by the late Len Wein who was also creator of Wolverine. We’ve suffered a big loss in the comic community and it’s great to see his character in this comic. This is a job for plant people, last time I checked, Harley wasn’t a plant person, but she’s always up for a mission! She gets offended at Swamp Thing doubting her skills and wants to fight him which is kind of hilarious! Swamp Thing wants Ivy’s powers amplified so they have enough power combined for this fight. Harley accidentally absorbs some of these powers in the process and now she’s on Swamp Thing’s level. First thing she does? Knocks his lights out to prove she can fight in this battle.


Rating: 10/10


Final Thoughts:

So short, but so awesome, simple, and funny as hell. Harley being in cahoots with a serious character always makes for a funny issue. Swamp Thing is a badass character and changed the face of horror comics, I was so happy to see him.  This art style is super cute and the color scheme makes it kind of kawaii style because it’s a lot of pastels, but it still has a genuine action comic drawing style.



Bird Psychology: That Sounds Oddly Similar To Bird Law

Written By: Chip “Zdark Knight” Zdarsky

Art: Joe Quinones

Letters: Corey Breen

Assistant Editor: Dave Wielgosz

Editor: Chris Conroy


Synopsis: Joker and Harley plan a slumber party themed crime scheme tp put the city to sleep. Basically the plot of Sleeping Beauty. Harley faces off with Robin in the midst of all this.


Harley Quinn fights Robin and when he is shaming her for being a psycho in partnership with Joker, she explains that she knows the stuff they do is crazy, but what’s crazy is that Batman gets him to dress up and fight crime in the night.  She explains that Batman acts like his saving and helping him but he’s not. They get inside each other’s heads and look at things from another perspective.


Rating: 7/10


Final Thoughts: This gives insight to the fact that even when Harley was with the Joker, she was not truly evil. She did everything for him out of love and hopes for what they could have in the future.

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Daniela Mendoza
Hey nerds! I'm a 23 year old cosplayer from Southern California who loves comic books as well! I love going to metal and punk shows. I'm a hostess on Shoot The Breeze Comics' shows Thought Bubbles, Panel to Panel, and Guardians of the Con-Life.
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Hey nerds! I'm a 23 year old cosplayer from Southern California who loves comic books as well! I love going to metal and punk shows. I'm a hostess on Shoot The Breeze Comics' shows Thought Bubbles, Panel to Panel, and Guardians of the Con-Life.

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