Karnak is in need of a job… (Secret Warriors #6 Comic Review)

Secret Warriors #6
Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Juanan Ramirez
Color Artist: John Rauch
Previously in Secret Warriors:
The universe how we know it has changed.  The Cosmic Cube has been used to alter the world, the line between good guys and bad guys is a complete blur.  A small “team” consisting of former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Quake, Moon Girl, Devil Dinosaur, Ms. Marvel, Inferno, and Karnak, are trying to right the world from Hydra’s grip.  Daisy has just found out from her maniacal father, that Agent Coulson has been murdered, and she is on the warpath trying to find his murderer.  Meanwhile the mysterious Inhuman child, Leer, is finally revealed as Karnak’s son, a son he has given to Mister Sinister at the Tower of Wisdom, in an attempt to learn a new way to discover an Inhuman’s true power.
What just happened:
We open to a man getting off of work and walking the city streets of Brooklyn at 2am, in the shadow is a figure stalking him.  When he realizes he’s being followed he makes a run for it into the subway.  Thinking he’s safe, the train starts shaking at his feet and there stands the mysterious figure who’s been stalking him. It’s Daisy Johnson, but as we know her, Quake.  She’s on the warpath trying to hunt down the person who killed a man who has been the closest thing to a true father to her, Agent Coulson.  The man, a former Hydra agent, screams in agony as Quake vibrates his internal organs to get information out of him.  She wants a name, the name of the person who killed Coulson.  The man finally breaks and tells her it was Deadpool and he was hired to do the job.
We check in on Karnak who is at an unlikely location, Ennilux Corporation.  Under the control of Ahura, Black Bolt and Medusa’s son, Ahura tries to brush Karnak away, but after admitting to each other that they both have no interest in the Royal family affairs, Karnak asks Ahura for a job.  Ahura arrogantly tells Karnak there is no positions.  Before leaving, Karnak gives Ahura a foreshadowing message to handle a business deal in a specific country before it’s too late.   Later, while seemingly on a date, Ahura heres a news report about war breaking out in the country Karnak warned him about, running his business plans.  At this point, the only thing he can do is order his people to find Karnak.  Karnak obviously knows something is going on.  After giving his child to Mister Sinister and asking his cousin’s kid for a job, it’s hard to tell what exactly Karnak has planned.
Over in Toledo, Ohio, Dante, a.k.a. Inferno, is babysitting his niece while video chatting with Moon Girl, trying to get her to write a school paper for his sister.  Dante ends the call when he hears someone at the door thinking it’s his sister, instead the door is knocked in and he is attacked but a few goons and a Dark Beast.  Thinking Dark Beast is after him, he is horrified to see them take his infant niece at the request of their employer.
Back to Daisy, she uses a random street kid to place a hit on herself to draw Deadpool out.  With the trap set, it’s not Deadpool who takes the bait but instead it’s Taskmaster.  Terrified after being roughed up by Daisy, he admits that he’d been taking the jobs that Deadpool is refusing claiming that Deadpool is no longer taking mercenary jobs.
Daisy is next seen in a clothing store waiting on her contact that was arranged by Taskmaster, but she wasn’t happy at all when she is pulled into a dressing room by her contact who turns out to be Bullseye.  This did not make Daisy happy at all!  Before she has a chance to cause him any kind of physical discomfort, he points out that it wouldn’t be a wise idea, especially since Deadpool is right in front of them.  What is Wade doing? Shopping for super absorbant towels of course, what else would he be shopping for?
Rating: 7/10
Final Thought:
This is a build up issue.  We don’t know exactly what’s going on just yet.  Obviously Mister Sinister is collecting Inhuman children who have not been exposed to Terrigen Mist, but for what exactly?  Of course Karnak knows, because that’s just what Karnak does, but what does he want with a job at Ennilux?  One can only wonder.  Personally, I think he wants to use his “job” as a way to gain access to their labs to see if he can find a solution to keep Inhumans from going extinct.  As for Daisy, she’s a woman running on pure revenge for the murder of the one person who has been like a father to her.  Of course her real father set her on the path of revenge so it’s hard to tell if he was telling the truth or not. You don’t want to miss this one because the information you gain is obviously building up to something else!

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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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