“A Topys-Turvy Showdown!” (Uncanny Avengers #27 Comic Review)

Uncanny Avengers #27

Written By: Jim Zub
Pencils By: Sean Izaakse
Colors By: Tamra Bonvillain
Published By: Marvel

Graviton had ambushed the Unity Squad, is the team prepared or united enough to release themselves from his evil clutches and stop him?

Previously: Wanda comes back to join the team after being possessed by an evil demon. Rogue is not happy about this. When the Unity Squad decided to to call it a night and finally rest after saving Manhattan from being under Hydra’s Dark dimension. The team was then ambushed by super villain Graviton. While trying to defeat him, Graviton sends off the Scarlet Witch to outer space!!

What You’ll Find Out:

The book starts off at the Laguardia Airport, New York where we see a man in a suit arrive and get in a cab. Elsewhere, at the old Avengers Mansion, we see the Unity Squad at the mercy of Graviton. The team tries to break free of his powers, especially Quicksilver who was furious since Graviton has sent his sister Wanda to space. Graviton suspects that Wanda might be dying now from losing oxygen in outer space. However little did Graviton know was that Dr. Voodoo was already casting a spell to call on elemental spirits to help Wanda and provide her with oxygen. Graviton then tries to get reacquainted with the team and notices their newest member Synapse. Synapse then took this opportunity to use her powers and distract Graviton. This gave the Unity Squad the opportunity to get out off Graviton’s control over their gravity and finally fights back. It starts off with Quicksilver trying to beat him as fast as he could. Graviton was able to stop Quicksilver, but the rest of the Unity Squad also attacked him. Then we see a showdown between Graviton and Rogue. Graviton underestimated Rogue strength, who was still able to move despite Graviton’s effort of controlling the gravity around her. While distracted by Rogue, Scarlet Witch was able to return to Earth and also attacked Graviton from behind. Rogue then grabs Graviton and kisses him to absorb his power and memories, also to make him unconscious in order for them to capture him. But things go terribly wrong. Rogue loses control of the power and memories she had absorb and started going berserk. Synapse tried to calm her down, and luckily they were able to do so. After the showdown, Scarlet Witch then approaches Dr. Voodoo and thanked him for helping her when she was thrown off by Graviton in outer space. We then see the cab we saw at the beginning arrive at the gates of the former Avengers Mansion. The man in the suit then approaches the Unity Squad and calls out on the Human Torch. He then reveals that he was a lawyer and the book ends with him telling Johnny Storm that they would now need to discuss about the legacy of the Fantastic Four.

What just happened:

Well, I guess this is Zub’s specialty. Action packed stories and showdowns. To be honest I did enjoy the fight scene between the Unity Squad and Graviton. What I did not enjoy was Rogue almost losing control of her powers again. I don’t know why Zub had to make her go berserk when she couldn’t control Graviton’s memories and power. I mean I would understand if she lost control if she was able to absorb a really powerful being but this is just Graviton. I mean I’m not saying Graviton is a weak villain (sorry if I offended Graviton fans) but we have to remember this was Rogue who was able to absorb the whole Avengers power’s and memories mixed with the whole X-Men’s powers and memories back when she needed it to defeat a Celestial, ALONE. But who knows maybe we might get a lame plot twist in later issues about why she is starting to lose her control over her powers like how Remender did it with generally making her unable to touch other people again. The ending though was kind of a tease for the upcoming “Two-in-One “revival!

– Sean Izaakse’s art looked fantastic
– Tamra Bonvillain’s color is spot on!
– The showdown was pretty entertaining

– The way Rogue is being written poorly is getting a bit frustrating, she was supposed to be the embodiment of Xavier’s dream and one of the greatest X-Men graduates especially when she finally learned how to control her powers. But now it looks like they’re ret-conning that again just to add some conflict and insecurities again in her character. It was already disappointing when Remender had to start that trend and it is more frustrating now that it looks like Zub is going into that direction for her as well. In my opinion, I think Rogue was actually written well and in better hands during Duggan’s run.

Final Thought:

Despite my disappointment and frustration with how Rogue is being written under Zub’s lead. Plus clearly, this issue was not story driven, like most of Zub’s current works on this book. It was still entertainingly good & fun, but honestly not great as well.


Rating: 6/10

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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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