“Let’s Blow Up Some Intergalactic Insects Shall We!” (All New Wolverine #24 Comic Review)

All New Wolverine #24

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Leonard Kirk
Color Artists: Michael Garland, Erick Arciniega
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Gabby transforms into the new Brood Hive Queen! Will the All New Wolverine save her lil’ sister/clone from the intergalactic monster she has turned into?


Gabby was taken by the Brood! Wolverine, Star-Lord and Gamora infiltrates the Brood hive to save Gabby. The trio were already too late; when they arrived Gabby was already in the process of transforming into a Brood. When Gabby finally transform, she kills the current Brood Hive Queen in the process and call out to recruit Wolverine!

What You’ll Find Out:

Gabby transforms into a Brood Hive Queen and kill the now former Hive Queen. Brood-Gabby then tries to attack Wolverine, Star-Lord and Gamora, with intentions of turning Laura into Brood Hive Queen too. Star-Lord and Gamora decides to retreat, while trying to contact Rocket Raccoon who was trying to tend on the injured Jonathan the wolverine inside their ship the Milano. Rocket asks them how the rescue mission went with Star-Lord replying that they’d decided to blow up Planet Rhittle’s Moon. Laura does not agreed with this idea at all. Star-Lord explains that this is necessary; Gabby is no longer the little sister that Laura knew and loved. He then add that if ever Brood-Gabby gets off the moon with her healing factor, he fears that she could infect and make an army of unkillable Brood-Wolverine Hybrids which is capable of taking over galaxies. Hence why they think it was best if they evacuate the Scientist on the moon and blow it up with the Hive of Broods on it. Back in the Dome, Star-Lord tells everyone in a general meeting regarding the plan on blowing up the moon and the Brood on it. Laura, who was still insisting and telling everyone that they have to save Gabby, but Fangs, says otherwise. Star-Lord then informs them that he would need someone who can clear their path between the Dome and their escape ship which is currently infested with Brood. Rocket volunteers, but Laura volunteers herself for him as she suggested that Rocket is needed to operate the bombs. Star-Lord then tells Laura not to be reckless by being heroic through noble sacrifices and that he expects Wolverine to be just behind them. Wolverine clears the path using the Dome’s heavy artillery, while the Guardians of the Galaxy lead the scientists/civilians to their ship. Just when they thought Wolverine was already following them behind, Laura hears Gabby’s voice calling out to hear. She then decides to come back to save Gabby.

Wolverine then confronts the transformed Gabby, but just before Brood-Gabby could attack Wolverine, the real Gabby was able to slice herself out of her Brood body. Everyone shocked by this then saw Wolverine fly off the ground with Gabby using the Jet pack provided by Star Lord. When they reached the Milano, Gabby was finally reunited with Jonathan the wolverine was also recovering from his injuries. There they both get a surprise; Rocket Raccoon has provided Jonathan a Universal Translator. Because of that, Jonathan could now speak to Gabby. Fang the approaches Laura and told her he did not send the alien girl just to look for her. He said that he had sent her to Earth with a list of heroes who could have possibly helped the, included in the list were Tony Stark, Reed Richards and Henry McCoy. Laura then tells him and the rest of that she had thought about it but she had some suspicions regarding what happened. She said that normally she knew Brood Colony would usually infest a star shark to travel off different planets. But in this case she never saw one even on the moon, which she confirmed with Star-Lord who scanned the whole moon. She then point out one of the scientist being the culprit, because she could smell the nervousness from him. She exposed him of capturing a Hive Queen Brood and experimented with her. This was also the start of the Brood infestation and the pandemic that caused lives in their moon (and also reached Roosevelt).The rest of the scientist then asked the accused scientist who named Rankine. One of them (the mother of the alien girl who died and asked for Laura in previous issues) got furious discovering this revelation and beats up Rankine. Draxx splits both scientists up. Laura then tells Rocket to proceed and blow up the Brood infested moon. Rankine tries to stop them because he said a lot of important research within the Dome on that moon, which could help them create weapons, will be lost in the explosion. This angers Laura and proceeds pushing the button to trigger the explosion herself. The whole group then tries to discuss what to do with Rankine since he had to be punished for his crimes. When they were trying to come up with a decision they’ve realized that Rankine was already gone. It was then revealed that Rocket Raccoon had ejected him out of the ship killing Rankine in the process of losing oxygen and freezing in outer space.

What just happened:

This concludes Wolverine’s “Hive” arc. Taylor as usual was very consistent with his characterization of Laura. He wrote her as a very dedicated and devoted sister to Gabby. Other than that the whole story was pretty interesting too. However, in this issue, the story already started to drag (in my opinion.) It was still action packed which made the reading experience fun. But I don’t think Taylor had to stretch the story this long. The plot twist also felt weak for me, it might be because we were not emotionally invested on the alien scientist who was responsible for causing the whole problem. Another thing that I had to address was Kirk’s art for this issue. For some reasons his art looked a bit rushed this time. Some of them looked awkward despite the details he added to distract us from noticing the part I think looked rushed (usually the characters faces looked simpler and some characters were not really drawn well.) I’m not saying it’s bad, however it looked weaker compared to his previous work on the last 2 issues.

– As much as I have been repeating this on my previous reviews but this arc was pretty much action packed
– Faced paced and enjoyable to read

– The quality of Kirk’s art dropped in this issue
– Despite this being enjoyable and is the end for this current “Hive” arc, the story was kind of getting a bit dragging

Final Thought:

The conclusion of the “Hive” arc was a fun read and very action packed story. However, the story was getting a bit dragging despite Taylor’s consistency of writing Laura’s adventures. The major downside of issue 24 was Kirk’s art looking kind of rushed in this book which was very noticeable.

Rating: 6.7/10

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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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