With a Name Like Sovereign… (Justice League #30 Comic Review)

Justice League #30


Author:  Bryan Hitch

Penciler:  Fernando Pasarin

Inker:  Andy Owens, Mick Gray, Batt, Scott Hanna

Colorist:  Brad Anderson


Previously:  The kids of the Justice League are here from the future.  Aquaborg (a Aquaman/Cyborg amalgam) has followed them.  Aquaborg took out the Justice League and the Junior League went off to kill Wonder Woman when suddenly, Sovereign showed up from the future and the darkness took control of Simon Baz and infected Wonder Woman.

Currently:  Wonder Woman is trapped, held firm by black tendrils.  The darkness is whispering to her, telling her to kill everybody.  She’s fighting, but it’s unclear for how long.  She’s not even responsive to Trevor’s attempts.  Simon Baz drives him back with the ring.  The Lantern twins join up (anyone else thinking they should say “the Form of…!”), glowing red and yellow.  The military, on the other hand, just wants to open fire on everybody.  But Trevor intercedes, calming everybody down, backing away from Wonder Woman.  That’s when Hunter and Cube explain what’s going on (future, darkness, yadda yadda).  Meanwhile, the darkness continues whispering to Diana to kill them all…  everyone except for “our” son, Hunter (I’m curious why it says “our”).

Meanwhile, at the newly arrived Mt Olympus, Sovereign stands over a kneeling Aquaborg, confronted by Mera and Serenity.  There’s a little back and forth between the three until Serenity is forced to admit how Aquaman became Aquaborg.  Then Aquaborg stands at Sovereign’s side and they both step through a portal, chasing after her target.  Mera and Serenity follow.

Wonder Woman, the darkness tugging at her, begs Trevor to leave.  Begs him to keep Hunter safe because for whatever reason, he’s the only one the darkness wants to save.  But before Trevor can even respond, Sovereign appears, dropping into the army and scattering them like toys.  The Junior League jumps into action.  Mera and Serenity, arriving in the same portal, try as well but Aquaborg holds them back, not wanting his daughter to get hurt.  But Serenity dives in anyways and Aquaborg has to make a difficult choice.  Meanwhile, the Junior League is getting their tails kicked but Simon Baz finally manages to shake off the darkness, expelling it from himself and he attempts to rally the League against Sovereign.

Meanwhile, in darkness, the captured members of the League start to wake up.  Cyborg recognizes them as inside a boom tube and he begins to access his systems to get them out, but then he finds a recorded message.  It’s from Aquaborg.  And he realizes that there is hope in this world…and he’s turning against Sovereign but he needs the League to do what they do best.

Unfortunately, what Sovereign does best is win and even with the added help from Aquaborg, Sovereign beats them all and finally approaches the subdued Wonder Woman.  The Justice League arrives from a portal but then the darkness envelops them, taking them for itself.

Thoughts/Reviews/Snide Comments:  Last issue was fun.  This one was too.  Not without its flaws (the end with the arrival of the League felt a bit rushed) but it’s still an enjoyable read, which is a nice change of pace.  The art is a bit better here, but there are still glaring issues (at one point I can’t tell if we’re looking at the back or the front of Trevor’s hand).  I’m not going to be looking for Pasarin’s books anytime soon.

The revelation of Sovereign’s identity is a fun twist but not really shocking and to be honest, not that emotional because I’ve never been vested in the character (not telling you who it is though…gonna have to read it).  Aquaborg coming around to the side of the Angels is a bit cliché, but I still loved seeing it, especially since you could tell from last issue that he did truly love his wife and daughter.

Some of the best scenes, though, were with Hunter and Trevor.  Trevor, of course, is as confused as any by the time traveling schtick and even points out that in his experience, time traveling to fix the past usually makes it worse (which is pretty much the lesson in every time traveling movie since Back to the Future).  And his interaction with Hunter when he finds out Hunter is Wonder Woman’s son is priceless (as is Hunter’s reaction).

However, once again we’re left with a cover that seems kind of pointless…  why is Batman fighting Green Lantern???  Batman has one page in this entire book.  And that’s it.  And he never once encounters Simon.  I mean…it looks like Bryan Hitch isn’t even aware of what he’s writing since he did the cover (or maybe he did the cover well before he wrote the book but that’s still sloppy).  But at least this time it’s not quite as misleading.

Final Thoughts:  Just like last issue, I’m left actually wanting to read the next book, eagerly awaiting Wednesday in two more weeks.  The action is enjoyable, some of the twists are fun to see, and the drama between Aquaborg and family, especially where Sovereign is concerned, is intriguing.  It wasn’t a mindblowing issue, but considering what Hitch has cranked out so far, this was above the rest.


Rating: 7/10

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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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