Child of Hercules and Other Godly Feats (Wonder Woman #32 Comic Review)

Wonder Woman #32


Writer: James Robinson

Pencils: Sergio Davila

Cover art: Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair (Variant cover: Jenny Frison)

Story so far:

With the wool firmly lifted from Diana’s eyes, she goes in search of answers. The estate she has mysteriously inherited won’t explore itself. Answers are to be had, and Diana is determined to seek them out. With betrayal still aching in her mind, she is firmly settled into her new path free from government work.



In light of Hercules’ passing, Diana is made heir to his estates. Even more shocking, his identity is further revealed to be Diana’s brother. The manner in which he passed proved that he was not the first, nor the only victim of the energy draining. An entire morgue was full of similar bodies. There are more questions than answers. Hercules’ letter gives Diana the information needed to move forward in her search for answers. Jason. His location. His identity at last revealed to her. Not a beat is skipped as she drags Blake Hooper, the lawyer who told her of her brother’s passing, along for the ride to find Jason. A reunion is upon us, and the radar Diana finds herself on will only grow further.



The storytelling is enthralling. I want to find out more of the energy spikes belonging to Apokolips. Information would really be the treasure of Hercules at this moment, not just for us, as the readers, but for Diana as well. It was difficult to put it down, and the art only adds to it. Plot driven and emotional, the issue leaves you begging for more. Narrative pacing allows for the emotions to come across cleanly without being rushed or dragging too far along. I have few criticisms. The only one of note would be that the art can be a little rough in the beginning of this arc, but the artists have captured the emotion so thoroughly, it is easy to ignore. I found it very easy to become engaged with the story, and eagerly await the next issue.



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