“She has accepted.” (Batman #33 Comic Review)

Batman #33: The Rules of Engagement Part 1!

Writer: Tom King

Pencils/Inks/Cover: Joëlle Jones

Cover/Interior: Jordie Bellaire


After his proposal to Catwoman, Batman and Catwoman leave Gotham to take care of something that Batman feels he has to do to finally redeem himself.  He believes this act will make them closer together. But will the Bat family accept the news of what has transpired or will they stop Batman from doing something stubborn once again?

What you need to know:  Batman and Catwoman are now engaged! As they leave Gotham, they find themselves traveling through a desert where they must go to a place that even the Justice League have forbidden people to travel to. But Batman follows his own rules and will do what must be done to renew himself and be a better man like his father told him.

What you’ll find out: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Duke Thomas, and Damien Wayne come over to the mansion for a family visit. Alfred tells them what has been going on with Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle.

What just happened? Batman and Catwoman travel to Khadym where they meet a man who can get them in. Their source tells them that Khadym is a place of war and off from the world. As this is going on, back in Wayne Manor, Dick, Jason, Duke, and Damien come over to have family time, but their happiness was interrupted when Alfred tells them about Bruce and Selina’s engagement. “What the hell did you just say?” Back at Khadym, Batman and Catwoman reach their destination but are stopped by The Guard in the Desert who will not let them pass; Catwoman has something to say to that. As they enter and go where their task is needed, someone waits for their arrival.

Luis Cruz

Luis Cruz

Luis Cruz Puerto Rican lost in the Multiverse with his son and his fiance straight edge pescatarian and the love of comics. Cyclops and magneto are right

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This issue was pretty slow from what we read in The War of Jokes and Riddles, but it doesn’t beat the fact that you know something intense is about to go down. The wait is over; we finally see Batman and Catwoman’s engagement.  What they have planned is still a mystery but that person waiting for them surely will not like where Batman and Catwoman’s status is at right now. Seeing the guys together at the Mansion was awesome. We are always into battles, wars, and crossovers; we rarely see family sitting together just talking and laughing (I really wanted to see the cow). This little break was a breath of fresh air from all the fights that have been happening lately in the other comics. The best part for me in this issue was the expressions on their faces when they heard about the engagement and the bantering of them blaming one other for Bruce Wayne’s decisions… priceless. I’m ready to see where Tom King takes us with this engagement and wondering what the Justice League will think when they find out. Till next time.
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Luis Cruz Puerto Rican lost in the Multiverse with his son and his fiance straight edge pescatarian and the love of comics. Cyclops and magneto are right

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