Of Blood, Mistrust, and Seawater (Wonder Woman Conan #2 Comic Review)

Wonder Woman Conan #2


Writer: Gail Simone

Pencilled: Aaron Lopresti

Inked: Matt Ryan

Cover: Darick Roberison with Tony Avina (Variant cover: Aaron Lopresti)


Story so Far:

A man owed Conan a large sum after his life was graciously, and bloodily saved. Conan took him to where he would be able to claim the riches to repay his debt. Instead of being able to repay it immediately, it turns out the man had bet a large sum on a warrior witch to die. Conan was entranced; certain he had met her before. But where?



Conan watched the warrior witch fight. He still couldn’t place where he recognized her, except possibly as someone he lost in his past. The girl from his childhood was shrouded in as much mystery as this witch. When he snuck his way into the dungeon where she was caught, he too was captured. She revealed herself to not be a “witch”, but a Wonder. Her real name otherwise unknown to the both of them. Conan swore she was the girl Yanna, but it didn’t sit right with her, as if that truly wasn’t her name. The slaver who had captured the warrior woman forced them to sea to feed on tripe with a crew. Only time will tell if she will ever remember her identity. Will trust ever be formed between her and Conan?


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Christina Williams

Christina Williams

Christina Williams

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This is the first Conan comic I’ve read in a long time, and it stood up to what I remembered it for. Strong art, stronger dialogue, and a well set pace. The story itself draws you in and makes you want to read it faster and faster, even though you know it’s only a mini-series. The art has no major flaws, and is beautifully constructed. I look forward to seeing where this will go for Diana and Conan.

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