Do you Believe in Ghosts? (Future Quest Presents: Space Ghost #2 Comic Review)

Future Quest Presents: Space Ghost #2


Written by: Jeff Parker

Pencils by: Ariel Oviletti

Colors by: Ariel Oviletti



What You Need to Know: I now have a definitive answer to if this is the same Space Ghost presented to us in Joe Kelly’s run. Not really a need to know type thing just something I think is cool and the answer is unfortunately it’s a no. Kind of disappointing to me because that series is one of my all time favorite comics and i would really like to see it continued in some way this is the next best thing of course. Other then that this issue picks up right where issue one left off and if you remember correctly I did mention that I wanted to see the Herculoids utilized well and properly what I did not mention was that I didn’t want them stealing Space Ghost’s thunder like what Iron Man did in Spider-Man: Homecoming. I am happy to report that is not the case. Most of the Herculoids get benched after a meeting with with Space Ghost that had some great dialogue in issue one between those characters. Since they are not immune to the radiation the Zeo element emits it stands to reason they’re sidelined and cannot go which I don’t mind for a Space Ghost comic emphasis on Space Ghost. I do hope some day we receive a Herculoids comic but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.


What You’ll Find Out: The reason I say and know that this Space Ghost is not the same one in Joe Kelly’s run is one unalienable fact. Jan and Jayce have a different origin story. They do still lose their parent’s but it is in a completely different manner and situation. What a waste considering you have the same artist working on the same series I mean come on how hard would it have been to just make this a continuation of that? I know believe me I do know that I’m probably the only one who cares so much about this but it’s just frustrating knowing what easily could have been. Granted that in no way impedes this story or negatively impacts it’s quality I just hate missed opportunities and wasted potential. Anyways the way it goes here portrays Space Ghost in a much more heroic manner more ala in vain to the original series Space Ghost I know whereas Kelly’s version felt much more real and well more like a realistic reaction to it considering the circumstances it was certainly more on a depressing note but it did feel more real. But again I do realize this is supposed to be more in vain with the 60’s cartoon and many times you can tell with the campy yet always old school esque dialogue.


What Just Happened? Well reading this series so far makes me remember how much I miss old school Sci Fi and just straight up textbook heroism. Call me cliche but I really enjoyed watching Space Ghost try to save everyone but ultimately respecting the twins parents enough to honor their final wishes as he came to realize that there was just no way he could save everyone. I like when heroes of old are placed in tough call type situations like that. I also just like seeing Space Ghost save people period what can I say I’m a bit of a schmuck. On the Sci Fi side of things this issue as well as last features some cosmic levels of beauty that I felt was desperately lacking in the Space Ghost/ Green Lantern crossover Oviletti really puts his pencil skills to the test here. There’s an awesome set piece fight sequence with a giant crystal monster that really shows off Igoo’s strength and Space Ghost has a very witty remark afterwards it’s so comic booky and I love that. The whole scene just screams old school Hanna Barbara and the amount of effort to recapture that feeling and in Future Quest(which I will be reviewing soon) is the reason I loved the old shows so. There’s just a certain kind of magic to it you know? Anyways Igoo is also given his own really cute moment when he is reminded of his inability to fly it’s just great.


Final Thoughts: I’ve talked about everything in this issue except it’s star really. It’s villain I guess I wanted to save that for last considering it’s technically a spoiler but point is Metallus is done incredibly here and has honestly never been done better. What was always one of the Ghost’s more cooler looking antagonist who was always a one note villain in the show who was simply made to be a hulking goliath and a physical superior to Space Ghost in the original show nothing more than a robot monster who had paper thin motivation and wasn’t really much of a character only appearing in 5 episodes total(which of course we must remember the original series only hd 20 total so that’s actually pretty good) and of course his role in Coast to Coast which of course just dumbed him down even more and made him a character incapable of speech and could only communicate through metallic radio static. But here he is given a motive and a reason that make perfect sense not only that but a cool sweet new redesign to boot. I always thought as a kid growing up that had the character been taken seriously and given more development they could’ve done a lot more then with him. Similar to the way Joe Kelly reintroduced Zorak back 2005 with his run they completely change the character and for the better because this Metallus comes from a place of hate and anger for the Space Force as they basically left him and his crew to die. That’s all I’ll say but the idea of making him a character of noble intention who is made into a monster by those who the Ghost hold so dear in ideal is brilliant and the idea of making Metallus and his mining crew ghosts of the Space Force’s wrongdoings is genius. Because you instantly make the villain relatable and have the reader question if that would even make him the bad guy the fact that Metallus can come from a place of moral high ground and shake Space Ghost’s morale beliefs and principles that he holds so dear and shake them to the core just illustrate to me why Jeff Parker is such a good writer and one of the best in business right now. This basically makes Metallus the other side of the coin for Space Ghost and the parallels of them both being “ghosts” is amazing writing. Parker puts our characters in a unique situation because no matter how much Space Ghost defends the Force out of his beliefs for it and what it stands for and represents what they did was still wrong no matter how he tries to justify it. The fact that Parker gives us a villain whose actions we can agree with morally is a bold move because you’re basically telling the audience the villain is right and who you can’t even really blame for whatever actions he takes against the Ghost and company because at the end of the day. Metallus is right no matter how you look at it. I am incredibly excited for this direction and look forward to how this parallels and themes pay off. By operating in the moral grays of justice Parker gives us a far more investing and interesting story then the one that I had originally thought I was signing up for. I thought I was just going to get  a fun silly comic team up read but instead Parker brings us the notion and themes of justice, power, and absolutes in an engrossing way where you can see where both parties are coming from and the villain has a point and isn’t really in the wrong. By portraying the Space Force a corp of heroes who were always thought of being incapable of doing wrong(besides the Kelly run which explored more so the theme of corruption). He introduces a very interesting dynamic between both characters points of view and really plays with the Space Ghost established mythos that other writers wouldn’t be so clever to take advantage of. By presenting a case that even law enforcement can sometimes be in the wrong you instantly elevate your comic to something less fantasy and more real instantly allowing it to be more accessible, relevant as well as just a more interesting piece. I really hope Parker doesn’t just drop this after an issue and I hope to see him continue moving forward with this direction because I think if utilized well it can make for some great satisfying pay off. What this does for me a Space Ghost fan is indescribable and I think if Parker continues where he’s going with this direction we could have a Space Ghost run that might even rival Kelly’s.

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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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