Pack Your Bags, Here Comes Jupiter Jet!

Husband and Wife duo and hosts of the Geek History Lesson podcast Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson team up to write Jupiter Jet, a heart-warming coming of age superhero. Jaqueline “Jacky” Johnson inherits a jetpack with an unknown power source after the death of her father. She partners up with her brother, Chuck, and their cat to protect her home. The enemies she faces may not be from this Earth.

“Jupiter Jet is a rocket thruster blast of heart and adventure – hang on tight!” The polls are in, as Sam Humphries (writer, Nightwing and Green Lanterns) exclaims his excitement.

It’s more than your average superhero origin, as readers will accompany Jacky on her road to actualizing destiny as Jupiter Jet, and the world will learn that nothing is ever as it seems.

“Jupiter Jet cements its place in the firmament with high flying all-ages fun!” Brendan Fletcher (Writer, Motor Crush and Batgirl) says.

This upcoming superhero has a sci-fi twist that won’t be seen coming! You can get your own copy in comic book stores on December 6th, 2017. You can pre-order it with the Diamond item code here!

Inman and Robinson comment, “Everyone thinks they understand everything about their world. But they don’t, and neither does Jupiter Jet. We’re all the flying girl in our own stories.”

Jupiter Jet is a promising heroine of epic proportions, and the excitement for the release is palpable. It’s not every day an origin releases about a relatable character trying to find her place in this confusing world. Her search for the answers she seeks leads her to search grounded, and not in the sky where she flies. The reviews have been ravings for her, and readers will get to see why on December 6th! About a month to go, so hurry and pre-order your copies.

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