Mercy Needs a Break (Mercy Sparx Volume 3 Trade Paperback Review)

Mercy Sparx Volume 3


Created and written by: Josh Blaylock

Illustrated by: Matt Merhoff, David Newbold, Hoyt Silva, Jenn Hickman, and Dan Leister

Colors by: Greg and Fake

Letters by: Crank! And Micah Myers

Story so Far:

Mercy has seen it all. Heaven coercing her, a devling, to do their bidding, not quite working for heaven or hell, a Priest able to change her, and a Nephilim sex club; yeah, safe to say, Mercy is desperate for a drink.  No breaks can ever be had for Mercy. She has to clean up the rogue angels, face the traitors, and learn the real secrets behind her heritage. Hell, heaven, Earth, it’s all the same to her; too many orders and not enough truths or freedom. Who is her mother and why is she so important? Why won’t her ex just leave her alone?



Wallace, a young (honestly, we don’t know how old this guy is. It’s pretty creepy.) man enlists Mercy’s help in clearing his house of the supernatural infestation he ended up with after letting down his hell barrier. She wasn’t allowed to kill anything, instead she was given a weird ancient Egyptian pyramid type device that would send the creatures back to hell, or wherever they were from. This wasn’t even the worst part for her; one of the dog-like creatures was absolutely disgusting and humped her leg. Mercy took great pleasure in sending that asshole away.  Angels are trying to find out more about Mercy and why the higher ups are enlisting a mere deviling, to no avail. The information is locked up tighter than anticipated. Mercy meets up with Suit, but finds out she knows less than ever. After an unpleasant exchange with her father, she was given a choice to follow what they wanted her to do, or continue to side with Suit. Should she fail to stop her father’s allies’ choices, hell would literally open up on Earth.


My Thoughts (Minor Spoilers Possible!):

Mercy Sparx is an adventure unlike anything else you’ll read today. The lore is never ending and expands upon itself effortlessly. I didn’t want to finish it because it would mean that I was caught up and had to wait for more to be released. Alas, my newfound fondness for the series left me stuck reading to find out more. I thoroughly enjoyed this installment. The fans weren’t kidding when they said there’s a cult-following for Mercy Sparx. I enjoyed how she continued to grow as a character with her struggles growing exponentially. It allowed her to enhance her own mental fortitude, which she took advantage of in that she became flexible in her dealings with heavenly angels, rogue or otherwise. I’m looking forward to the next volume! I cannot wait to find out more about Mercy’s heritage and to see what will happen next.

The next volume should be coming out soon! Get caught up so you can read it immediately. Mercy Sparx is just that good.


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