His Boy…Elroy… (The Jetsons #1 Comic Review)

The Jetsons #1


Written By: Jimmy Palmiotti

Pencils By: Pier Britto

Colors By: Alex Sinclair

What You Need to Know: I don’t really feel like I need to recap you on who The Jetsons are. I know I did with Ruff and Reddy but The Jetsons are a household name for crying out loud. So recapping them would be pointless because I’m sure most of you know who they are. Point is what you do need to know is that this is another relaunch of a beloved cartoon series meaning that is allowed to take some liberties and be well different.


What You’ll Find Out:  Well since we’re talking about liberties I really do like the all new all different origin given to Rosie. Was never too overly fond of the original Rosie just being a programmed robot maid slave. So making her George’s deceased mother who moved her consciousness into a digital body. Makes her character instantly more of an emotional pinpoint and a far more integral player in the overall plot and family. Giving her such a main role when she always had such a main role in the series just made a lot of sense and her new origin is a perfect way to explore her more as a character as opposed to making her nothing more than just a one note maid that she was in the original series. I am instantly more interested in the new Rosie then I ever was in the original series and I already care way more about her. She is already a more multi layered and a more dimensional character in literally just 2 issues(if we’re counting the preview we got for it earlier this year). The other 2 major differences is we actually get a pretty reasonable, realistic, and grounded explanation for why everything is above water and flies like in the original series which I won’t reveal here because it’s a  pretty good and justified reason. As well as a new character in the form of Cogswell’s daughter who will undoubtedly act as a love interest for Elroy which can be interesting. Honestly though the best part about this issue was without a doubt Rosie’s conversation with her son George there’s so much warmth and tenderness you feel as you understand George’s reluctance and hesitation to accept this thing is still his mom but it’s almost as if nothing’s really changed. It’s such an odd and yet surreal and fascinating concept to explore and honestly by this point is textbook Sci Fi but no matter if it’s played out or not so long as it’s written well it will always work. I actually got a bit emotional while reading it. Rosie’s existence as an A.I. also manages to question and challenge some of our more traditional norms such as religion and the book itself even has a scene where it very much chooses science in favor of religion and why wouldn’t/shouldn’t it. It is The Jetson’s.


What Just Happened? Without giving too much away picture an issue of the Fantastic Four in all of its uber cosmic glory mixed with the plot of Armageddon. That’s the basic gist of it.


Final Thoughts: Honestly I will make it perfectly clear that I hated the new Flintstones comic that was released last year, but I think maybe that might be because I was expecting something more like this from it. This issue still raises some of the modern day political topics and social commentary that the original Flintstones and the new series did. But the bigger difference all hinders on presentation in the case of The Jetson’s here it can bring up a modern day topic such as religion but do it and address it in a manner that doesn’t feel forced. Now from what I read of The Flintstones series(to me anyways) was a joke never knowing when or even how to take itself seriously. Literally bludgeoning its political satire over its audience’s heads in favor of being “hip” and “relevant”. While I don’t mind some good political satire I don’t like being reminded every 5 minutes that that is all it is and all it’s ever going to be. It got so bad to the point that I just lost interest and got bored it didn’t even feel like The Flintstones anymore but more like a Captain Planet episode with its belligerent and downright obnoxious need to remind you and harassas you that you are in fact reading a modern day political satire. Yes I know the original series was also that but it also knew how to use a little something called subtlety and was first and foremost a children’s/family cartoon so I was at least always entertained and could always enjoy it even if some of the more adult jokes would occasionally go over my head. The new series however had no actually legitimate plot other than political caveman joke and I’m aware the show was also very slice of life but TV and Comic books are two very different mediums. That’s as close of a review to The Flintstones series as you’re ever going to get from me. Now back to Jetsons all of the characters are treated with a tremendous amount of respect and you can tell there is a tremendous amount of respect taken with the show as this does honestly feel like it could be the lost Jetsons episode we never got. The writing is sharp. Intelligent, witty, and even funny Rosie dragging George out bed and into a cold shower is something right out of the show. I guess what I admired, respected, and loved more about this then when I read Flintstones was that I actually had fun with it. I am thoroughly engaged in this story and am eagerly awaiting to see where it goes. The artwork is smooth and sharp, and the writing is quick witted and solid if it continues like this we could be looking at potentially the best miniseries of this year.



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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.
This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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