Klaw. Just one word, like Madonna! (Black Panther #166 Comic Review)

Black Panther #166


Written By: Ta-Nehisi Coates

Art By: Leonard Kirk

Cover By: Brian Stelfreeze

Published By: Marvel Comics

King T’Challa has battled many foes as of late. From rebelious mystics, to corporate businessmen, to Nazi’s and then Gods? Now with Marvel Legacy attempting to return some normalcy and familiarity to the Marvel Universe, an old foe from T’Challa’s past who ironically is due to be a major player in the upcoming movie is making his return to Wakanda. Now let’s see if that return is a good read shall we?


What You Missed:

For the past 18 issues, (yes 18 no 165 regardless of Marvel’s renumbering) T’Challa the Black Panther has faced an ongoing struggle against the forces of a rebel named Zenzi,  Ezekiel Stane who attempted to finance the rebellion, Doctor Faustus who along with Hydra leader Steve Rogers attempted to take over Wakanda, and then he began to deal with the disappearance of the Wakandan Gods. Yes seriously. All of that he he still had time to form The Crew until its cancellation? No way.


The Breakdown:

This issue serves as a catch up for readers who wanted to jump onto the Black Panther series here, but oddly enough from the villain’s perspective. Ulysses Klaw, who apparently been the one behind everything from about issue 5 of this current series having allied himself with all the threats mentioned previously. This issue is a letter…sort of?…to Klaws deceased sister as he tells her about his plans to overtake Wakanda in his efforts to use the largest source of vibranium to be human again, or maybe more?


Opinions and Such:

After being absent from comics besides sporadic appearance in other comics for a long time, Klaw converging back on Wakanda is a logical step, but it’s not what was originally occurring in the narrative before this. We had moved on from the plot of the rebellion and the political corruption with Zenzi and Stane. Then Dr Faustus was forced in due to Secret Empire forcing its tie ins upon us. The conflict had ended for a time after the Midnight Angels (See Black Panther 1-12 Nation Under Our Feet) and had moved on to the Wakandan Gods disappearing. Now because we want to “Return to Form” and we have a movie coming out, we have Klaw? What’s next Man Ape and Killmonger?

The art is good. Nothing out of this world, or the opposite being horrible, it’s well done for the book itself. There are a few spots of laziness or rushing where there’s barely any detail because of it being a non important moment, but the lack of detail is very noticeable.


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Black Panther #166 isn't a bad book by any means. But there’s barely any sign of our title character with the book focusing heavily on Klaw, and much like allot of the Marvel Legacy material, if you have no idea what occurred before, you will be more confused than a donkey on roller skates. If you’re coming from reading the first 18 issues, then this book is very solid. If you’re trying to jump on, it will not be that enjoyable.
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Co-Host of the comic book review live stream Panel To Panel, and founder of OCG. A longtime comic book, video game, and MTG nerd Favorite Superhero is Aquaman...Fight Me

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