Familial Ties: Finding Jason (Wonder Woman Comic Review #34)

Wonder Woman #34


Writer: James Robson

Pencils: Sergio Davila

Inks: Scott Hanna, Mich Gray, and Ebra Ferreira

Cover: Bryan Hitch and J. Shipper (Variant Cover:  Tony S. Daniel and Tomeu Morey)

Story so Far:

Too many bodies littered the morgues where Diana met Hercules. They were all drained, left devoid of any trace of their former energy. Diana reads the letter from Hercules to find out that she has a brother, and her mind is alight with desperation to locate him. She takes Hooper, the lawyer to find him with her. She found his ship by chance, and flew to Jason’s embrace.



Since the passing of Hercules, Diana was searching for Jason. She never stopped looking until she found him. Jason was given up by the Amazonian Queen as is the tradition. Males could never stay on the island of warrior women. By the Queen’s orders, Jason was taken in by Glaucus, one of the original Argonauts. The reunion of siblings was long anticipated, and was met with the warmth Diana dreamed of. He brought Diana to a small island so they could talk in peace. Diana was content to finally be able to talk to Jason, but Jason did not feel the same. He had ulterior motives. Just how does Grail fit into the master plan Diana finds herself ensnared in?


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Christina Williams

Christina Williams

Christina Williams

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Wow. Diana just can’t catch a break. On top of the betrayals from her government work, she has to deal with finding out the truth behind her family. I can’t wait for us to find out just why Jason has acted the way he has. Hera’s ire is going to be a big part of this, I can feel it. The story is expansive and the art is beautiful as always. I’m impressed with what Robson has done to bring Diana into the Rebirth series. I await the next issue with baited breath.

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