Jupiter Jet Blasts Off! (Jupiter Jet #1 ADVANCED Comic Review)

Jupiter Jet #1 Comic Review

Words by: Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson

Art by: Ben Matsuya

Colors by: Mara Jayne Carpenter

Letters by: Taylor Esposito


Jaqueline “Jacky” Johnson has a secret. Following the death of her father, she has inherited a jetpack with a mysterious unknown power source. Jacky and her brother Chuck have been down on their luck trying to keep their pockets full enough to pay off “Protection” and rent while still being able to eat. Jacky has to make some ethically questionable choices in order to keep them alive and well. The strange power source to the stranger jetpack has yet another mystery that they are nowhere near solving, as Chuck uncovers another source of potential power. He uses it to experiment himself. Truths, mysteries, lies, and more will come to light.

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Christina Williams

Christina Williams

Christina Williams

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If you hadn’t noticed, I skipped the story so far. There isn’t a story so far, as this is the origin issue. This is where Jacky’s adventure begins. She is a spunky young girl who just wants to protect her family. The art is absolutely fantastic, and I love the dialect created for her surroundings. The speech patterns combine old and recent popular phrases while giving life to its own style. The art is engaging and full of life. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to read this issue. You should hop on board and read Jupiter Jet! Jacky is a heart-warming heroine that’s easy to relate to. I’m looking forward to seeing where her journeys lead her!

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