Romanticized Pasts and Bloody Presents (Wonder Woman Conan #3 Comic Review)

Wonder Woman Conan (Comic Review Issue #3)

Written by: Gail Simone

Penciled by: Aaron Lopresti

Cover art: Darick Robertson and Tony Avina (Variant cover art: Aaron Lopresti)

Story so Far:

Conan and the woman he believed to be Yanna discovered her real name following a battle they were forced into. The Warrior Witch as her captors dubbed her, fought until she was ready to collapse. When the fight ended, and they refused to strike the other down, the leader of her captors struck back by forcing them upon a ship with a crew hungry to see their demise as well. Yanna was not her name at all. She was Wonder Woman. Yes, she was Diana. Trust is beginning to slowly bloom between them.



The woman Conan still found himself calling Yanna and he had to take down a shark to survive. Yanna was fiercely intelligent and used their chained state to their advantage by forcing the chain between the jaws of the charging shark. They managed to get on the shark’s back before finding a large chunk of wood for safety. After an unknown amount of days, they found themselves landing at last. However, the land they found, seems to be more dangerous than death by shark bites.Diana and Conan begin to plot to save the citizens they unknowingly put in mortal danger.

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Christina Williams

Christina Williams

Christina Williams

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I didn't know how I was going to feel about this mini-series as I read it. It's completely blown my expectations away. The art is beautiful, and it is very reminiscent of classic Conan meets Wonder Woman. The perfect combination in both story and art. There is romance, loss, battles, and more awaiting the readers when picking up this series. Pick it up and read! You won't regret it. I haven't.

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