YES! THE DINOSAUR DOESN’T LOOK HORRIBLE! (Runaways Episodes 1-3 Review)


The Runaways have been a cult classic in the backround of Marvel Comics for almost 15 years. A group of young kids who are thrusted into the unknown as they discover their parents are super villains. Alex, Nico, Gert, Chase, Karolina and Molly have grown up their entire lives reuiniting once a year due to their parent’s secret meetings, and as they finally disocver it all, they have to find their way in this new world theyve ventured into. With multiple different comic book runs in their time, The Runaways have been the book most people overlook, but in the years they have existed, they have gained a large following. Which prompted Marvel Studios Television to create a new TV series about these teenagers and is now officially streaming on HULU. With the first three episodes released today, Is this cult classic off to a good start on television? Let’s talk about it.


With a tragedy separating these kids at a young age, They’ve grown up in different circles. Now on the night of their parents yearly meeting as apart of PRIDE, Alex Wilder tries to pull them all back together. Through a series of unfortunate events, they 6 kids reunite at the Wilder house just in time. As they discover the secret of PRIDE, and see who their parents really are. Now with the power of magic, time travel, super strength (that because of legal reasons isn’t a mutantation) and…a velociraptor? These young heroes begin a journey none of them ever thought would happen.

Opinions and Such:

GAAAH why only give us 3 episodes? With some liberties taken in terms of modernizing the show technology wise, making the parents more discreet and uniform with their actions almost in the vein of a cult rather then a knock off legion of doom, this show is definitely off to a great start. With a majorly slower pace compared to the original comic, this show actually takes time to introduce the kids, rather than rushing off on the plot. The one…Odd? thing about this interpretation of the Runaways is they introduce a sister for Nico, the magic user, and make it so because of her sister’s death and the 7 becoming 6, the kids grew apart as time went on. Which overcomplicates things and adds an uneeded dynamic. The original plot was very simple. The kids were brough together yearly by their parents. Now it’s they have to reunite after their relationship was interupted by plot death. Also with this change comes a focus on the parents more than the kids. Granted there’s still plenty of time for the show to change that, but it becomes apparent that with the uniformity of them now and the elminitation of the outside Marvel Universe elements changing the show, it seems that the parents are the stars at times rather than the titles characters. With the interpolitics, affairs, and corporate scheming, they almost forget what the show’s about a times.

With acting in this show is very well done. With it very noticable that these aren’t first time actors, The Runaways especially having great chemistry and portray their characters extremely well. Ariela Barer brings Gert to life with her inteligence and independent nature. Greg Sulkin shows that even a jock can have a little bit of brains and a heart of gold. Virginia Gardner is able to bring the #blessed persona of Karolina Dean to the screen and is able to show that even the faith you always known can all be a lie. Special praise to both Allegra Acosta for her shining portrayal of the kiddish and misunderstood Molly, and the duo of Alex Wilder and Niko Minoru played by Rhenzy Feliz and Lyrica Okano respectively. Both do an amazing job with their chemistry as well as their displaying their roles of Alex and Nico perfectly from the page to the screen.


For the first three episodes of this amazing show, the only downfall so far was the focusing on the parents rather than the kids. The effects showcasing Karolina and and Mollys abilities as well as the effects for Old Lace the Velociraptor are well done and the writing that is able to let this show stand out on it’s own make it resemble the likes of NBC’s Heroes when it began. Which is a pro and a con when you think of how Molly specifically is supposed to have ties to the X-men due to her mutant abilities…I guess not mutant abilities anymore…and Nico who later joins the A-Force.

Marvel’s Runaways is streaming right now on HULU

Rating So Far: 8/10

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James Portis

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As a whole however, Runaways is a great show that can be enjoyable for audiences of all ages and fans of the original comic will find that even with minor changes to modernize and streamline some aspects, these amazing characters are everything we could hope for in an adaptation. Just keep Joss Whedon away from this...
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The gay EIC of OCG, co-host of the comic book podcast Panel To Panel as well as the black nerd podcast Blerd Grounds. A longtime comic book, video game, D&D, and MTG nerd Favorite Superhero is Aquaman...Fight Me

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