Hey Pops, Want to Be Young Again? (Blue Beetle Rebirth #15 Comic Review)

Blue Beetle Rebirth #15: The Road to Nowhere Part 2

Written by Christopher Sebela

Art by Scott Kolins and Tom Derenick

Cover by Tony Silas

Published by DC Comics

What You Need to Know:

Jaime Reyes, the Blue Beetle has gone on a road trip with his friends Paco, Brenda, and his girlfriend Naomi. As they near Roswell, New Mexico, they are chased by three blue space crafts. They go off road and Jaime is forced to transform into Blue Beetle. As he does though three blue cosmonauts materialize and begin to attack.


What Just Happened:

Blue Beetle is struggling to fight off three opponents at once, as they appear to be too fast to get good hits from his energy cannon. They soon get a hold of him, not letting go. Beetle proceeds to release a pulse of energy to get free and changes back into his human form. Its seems to work as one of the Blue Space Men hesitates to attack. Paco then rams into it with the car and the gang tries to escape. As they gain some distance though the sky begins to change, showing different scenes. From prehistoric times, to the extinction of dinosaurs, to the future, then finally an image of a nuclear explosion, the gang freaks out as they can’t comprehend what’s going on. They soon see lights from a nearby town and make a mad dash towards there. They arrive at motel just for Paco’s car to start dying, and decide to stay there for the night. Paco and Brenda refuse to stay in the same room and pick their own, leaving Naomi and Jaime to share one for themselves. Later in the room, Naomi tells Jaime he’s stupid for almost getting himself killed by playing distraction for the Blue Spacemen. (She still doesn’t know about Jaime being the Blue Beetle). Jaime reassures her that he just acted on instinct to protect her. For him its easier than normal life and prepping for the future. Naomi tells him that she to get nervous about that.

The next morning the gang wakes up and head to the car but are meet by hostile kids with weapons. They make a break for it but as the gang lose the kids they run into other people, much older but packing some heat. They try to negotiate a way to get out of town, but are told they can’t leave, because apparently there is a reason they were “sent there by The Man”. The gang try and explain that they were attacked the night before and sought refuge in town, only to be told that nothing happens in the town of Mooney without a reason. They walk back to the car, which is being taking apart the kids, who ask for the winnings to be split. By winnings they mean the gang of course (freaking weirdos). As the towns folk argue, Paco and Brenda suggest to Jaime that call his “Blue Friend”. Only problem is that Naomi is right next to him and she still don’t know about the Blue Beetle.

As sunset arrives, Jaime and the other begin to form a plan on how to get out of their current situation, but as they go through their options, four bright blue lights appear from thin air and form into the Blue Space Crafts from before. The towns folk then walk up to the space craft and are lifted towards them. Believing the kids to be in danger, Naomi grabs a gun and begins to shoot at the space craft but runs out of bullets. As the crafts target Naomi, Jaime jumps on of her, using the Scarab to form am offensive shield to shoot at the UFO’s. The shots hit their respective targets, and all four crafts crash land. The gang then goes investigate the crash site, and find that the space men are indeed men in space suits. WHO KNEW HUH!!!! (Sarcastically losses my mind). In a Scooby Doo style unmasking, turns out the space men are the towns folk, even though they were just lifted from the ground not too long ago. The oldest of the towns folk then explains that The Man, the guy in charge, hired them for a simple job with a huge payday (70 years or so). They had been left to die in a retirement home by their families, and The Man had taken them in promising to reverse their aging with the suits. Powered by Tachyon Energy, the suits were addictive, and there were consequences. The townsfolk had used the suits so much for their laboratory robberies, that they reversed their aging too far and became kids.

As the gang try to leave, the skies begin to change again. Jaime demands the old man to tell him how to stop it, but he tells him that you can’t stop The Man, because he’s already started.


Concluding Thoughts:

“The Road to Nowhere Part Two” gives some slight answers on what the heck is going on. We now know that there are no aliens, only small-scale time splitters. Imagine Tracer from Overwatch, where she can only alter her own time. That’s basically what’s going on with the towns folk. We know that they’re just pawns for a much bigger scheme, they only thing left is who is The Man and what does he want. Funny thing, for me the way the sky changes this issue reminds me of the multiple Crisis Story arcs. Jaime Reyes did become Blue Beetle during Infinite Crisis, so that was a nice nod. Eventually Jaime will have to tell Naomi about the Scarab, so I’m just waiting for that train wreak to happen (Where’s my popcorn). As for the artwork, Scott Kolins and Tom Derenick has amazed me, the detail in some panels is perfect. As for the next issue, since tachyons are now a factor, I’m expecting a speedster to show up. Here’s hoping for a Wally West Flash appearance. Stay tuned for issue #16 “Stopwatch” next month.

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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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