Superheroes and Nazis (CW’s Crisis On Earth-X TV Review)

Buckle up boys and girls. We got a double review. If you haven’t seen this year’s crossover Crisis on Earth-X, there’s something wrong with you. But you can get better. We can help you. Just click here to watch it and you’ll be better than the rest of your friends. That being said, enjoy Carlos and I talking about the CW’s epic crossover.

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Carlos’s Least Favorite: I thought Felicity was being obnoxious and incredibly self-centered in the first half by trying to make Barry and Iris’s wedding all about her, but I didn’t mind her in the second half at all. I also disliked Alex and Sarah not getting together after their hookup, despite having obvious chemistry. I thought Alex was being annoying in the very first episode by being so melodramatic and broody; it’s what I disliked about her on Supergirl. There was no need to make her so emotional for seemingly no reason and carry it over just to do nothing with it. Also, Wynn being a general just wasn’t a good doppelganger idea; he just wasn’t convincing at that part and he really didn’t do a great job overall. I understand they wanted to find a way to squeeze him in for the fans, but they manage to waste him and his potential as a character. They ultimately just don’t do anything with him, rendering his character useless.

Carlos’s Favorite Part:  For starters, I enjoyed the kryptonite arrow, Metallo, The Atom stopping Eobard from cutting into Kara, Red Tornado, the Oliver and superspeed gag, and the Superman I and II reference. Obviously, I really enjoyed the intro, final battle, and the ending. The final battle was awesome; seeing everyone off doing their own things and proving themselves all to be handy and capable as well as competent and heroic, all in their own respective rights was great. And of course, I really enjoyed Eobard being back and seeing how his return effects everyone else.

Carlos’s Favorite Charatcer: Citizen Cold, hands down. I really liked outfit and his interactions with the characters. I liked his conversation with Rory and him finally meeting Oliver. I loved him and Oliver working together; they easily had some of the best chemistry together this whole event, haha.

Carlos’s 2 Cents: All in all, this is an incredible story and works on so many levels. Unlike last year’s abysmal attempt, this feels like a legitimate attempt to tell a story that is too big for one just show. Everything is interwoven so perfectly that every character gets their comeuppance or big moment in some way, shape, or form. Each show is also given its own chances to shine, while never undermining or compromising the bigger narrative here. There’s no bias here and each show and character is treated with pride, passion, and respect in only a way that the CW would truly know how. This crossover’s greatest strength is balance; no show or character shines brighter or overshadows the other.

There is just so much to love here. It’s really what good crossovers are made of. And truth be told, a lot of the writing is on the level of great superhero movies and rivals big budget ones like The Avengers or Justice League. It feels like a true comic-to-screen adaption through and through. The stakes are high and the event is big, loud, and whole lot of fun. You really feel the weight here. While they do accurately depict the nature of Nazis and never shy away from their accuracy to history, it never loses its levity or fun, light-hearted, fast paced, and even heartfelt moments. This crossover is all four of these shows at their finest and is true movie-making quality. I felt like I was reading a comic book as a kid. And like a kid who loved comics and would go back to reread comics he loved, I can definitely say that I am going to rewatch these episodes. All four of them.

My Least Favorite Part: I didn’t like Felicity that much either. Unlike Carlos, I didn’t think she was all that annoying in the first part, just really honest about her fears of marriage. I do agree that the wedding rehearsal of a different couple is not at all the place to have an argument, but couldn’t Oliver wait to propose in private on their own time? I don’t know. My thing is, it’s all about stealing the thunder of another couple. This is why I disliked the fact Felicity literally interrupted Diggle before he got a chance to pronounce them husband and wife. And I even ship Oliver and Felicity, but if someone were to interrupt my special day like that and make any ounce of it about them? Ah, hell naw. It’s bad enough Nazis interrupted the real ceremony.

Disregarding relationships, I didn’t like how our heroes were so ready to leave a Nazi-controlled Earth. I understand it wasn’t their earth and Earth 1 was in danger, but clearly Earth-X needed them. Granted, they did defeat the Nazis on both Earth-X and Earth 1, but I’m still not sure on their initial motives in doing so. Clearly, our heroes wouldn’t just leave an Earth full of oppression and genocide, but it really did seem like that was their first goal if it meant they could get back to Earth 1 ASAP.

My Favorite Part: I literally loved everything Carlos did, but I also loved them putting my boy Wally in action again. I wish they wouldn’t have benched him during the later parts of the crossover, but I love it when they prove just how useful and beneficial he really could be. Carlos failed to mention this, but everybody was looking so crisp and handsome during the wedding and the women were owning their outfits. When Barry is trying on his tuxedo and looks at Oliver and says, “Damn.” I felt that. I really did.

My Favorite Character: Everybody was great, really, but I really enjoyed Oliver. I loved it whenever he was fighting Eviler (Evil Oliver/Dark Arrow), especially when he took Overgirl (Evil Kara) as hostage when Eviler was ready to kill Kara and Felicity. It’s just been too long since we’ve seen Oliver threaten someone’s life for leverage and it’s such a thrill every time.

John Diggle is a close second. My mans was truly fighting the good fight by marrying the two couples. He was only in one scene, but that scene was made great. I love my Diggle.

My 2 Cents: You can really tell everybody—both the cast and crew—worked their asses off to give us this beauty of a crossover. I thank and I applaud them. They really outdid themselves with this one and I agree with every reason Carlos presented that it was far superior to last year’s crossover.


RIP Professor Stein. Nothing but love. 

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.
Obviously, it had every single advantage asides from budget and marketing, but I honestly think it was better than Justice League, which I also enjoyed (after rewatching it). But let’s not compare the two to take away from the fact that we really got a masterpiece here.
This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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