Jason Inman Talks About Jupiter Jet!

Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson, the husband and wife duo behind the podcast, Geek History Lesson, have teamed up for this new spark of joy, Jupiter Jet. Just who is Jupiter Jet? She’s a teenager anyone can relate to, is in over her head with problems. With the jetpack she inherited from her late father, a determined younger brother, and a lot of love to share, Jupiter Jet begins her adventure on the comic shelves tomorrow. She faces obstacles we can all relate to as she grows up, with an unexpected twist! The threat Jacky must take down, may, or may not be of this world.

They have really outdone themselves with this creation, and I was lucky enough to get a few questions in with Jason!

Q: To start off, I have to know. What was the inspiration behind Jupiter Jet? I’ve read the first issue that was sent out to us, and I’m eager to know more about Jacky.

A: We were having lunch one day and Ashley said, “I have an idea for a comic book, but all I have is a name and it’s Jupiter Jet.” Instead of telling Ashley that she was a crazy person, I lit up with ideas – a lot of which are highlighted in our first issue. When you collaborate with someone and they get as excited about something as you are, that is a very powerful feeling and you want to run with whatever crazy thing you’ve dreamed up.

Q: What an awesome way to begin the story. Were the changes made to Jupiter Jet huge? Did she go through several different stages?

A: Jupiter Jet through the first five issues has basically stayed consistent with what we decided on that first meeting. Which is kind of crazy when you think about it.

Pausing for a moment: When you’re writing a story, the protagonist or characters in general, tend to change drastically. The fact that Ashley and Jason nailed this on the head immediately, is very exciting and promising for Jacky’s blossoming premiere.

Q: That’s a really nice crazy thought, though. You struck gold with her concept. What surprises can we expect from Jacky as the series evolves? I have to admit, I’m excited to find out all I can about her.

A: Jacky is going to through a journey like we all do when we are teenagers. Our eyes are opened wide. We think we know everything about the world and slowly we come to realize how wrong we are. Jacky is going to experience that as well, but her revelations are the weirder and darker things in here world. So she has to learn how to deal with the fact that everything she knows is wrong. And will she stand up to it and become the hero? Or will she give up and let someone else take up the mantle?
The drama! I really can’t wait to read more of Jupiter Jet. It’s a very promising series, and you should order your copies now.
Q: Alright, last question. Where do you hope Jupiter Jet takes us, the fans?
A: I hope Jupiter Jet makes you soar high and soar happy. We’ve all been in a place just like Jacky at the beginning of issue one. When she straps on that jetpack and flies high, I hope it makes you smile. I know those feelings that everyone on my amazing team, Ashley Victoria Robinson, Ben Matsuya, Mara Jayne Carpenter, and Taylor Esposito, were putting into every single panel.
There you have it, Jupiter Jet will skyrocket throughout the ages. Her emotions are tangible, and the love that has gone into creating this series will make you smile. Jacky has made me smile through issue one already, and I hope she makes you smile too. To find out more about Inman and Robinson, you can check out their podcasts here.
Here’s a sneak peak into Jupiter Jet from the preview pages.

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  1. I can’t wait to read this, your interview alone had me extremely excited for what’s to come!!

  2. Definitely interested in this series!
    Sounds even more promising from this interview, especially considering that it’s stayed consistent and hasn’t went through any drastic changes.


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