Men Among Giants Giants #1 Comic Review

Story, Art, and Lettering by: Carlos and Miguel Valderrama



What You Should Know:

Carlos and Miguel Valderrama, the authors behind this new miniseries, are brothers. This is their first American publication! This thrilling series features gigantic creatures that have taken over the surface, harsh reality, and a shocking twist on science fiction. Emotions will run high. Questions will be left unanswered, and morals will be tested. There’s a warning to be had: Ambition, which left unchecked, will devour you.

What Happened:

The premise to the series was set up, as we meet two young orphans who are stuck doing everything they are told. The current situation humanity is facing doesn’t look very promising, as they’re all underground, while gigantic creatures roam the surface. Not much is touched down on what the creatures are, or how they came to be yet. However, there is a growing theme already showing, as greed and ambition are evident in not only the orphans, but everyone surrounding them.

The story has potential to be great, and I look forward to see what the talented Valderrama brothers bring to the table in this new comic series. The premise is one that has been seen many times, but with an exciting new twist. Time will tell how this panders out. I enjoy the art style so far, but I do hope it becomes more fluid. This is my first real experience with Dark Horse Comics, so here’s to hoping it’s a good one with this! I want to know more about the world, and not just about the two characters we’ve seen. The writing will keep you guessing, and you won’t put it down. My heart was pumping towards the end, which I’m glad about. It isn’t very often a debut issue has my attention so immediately. I recommend giving it a shot to see how you feel about it.


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Giants have taken over the surface, and we know nothing about how and why. The story opens up with two young orphans, and through their eyes, we begin to see the darkness in the world immediately.
  • The artwork
  • Premise is very promising
  • The characters are believable
  • Story pulls you in
  • Not much happens
  • Fluidity of art is slow so far
Art - 6
Story line - 6.5
Writing - 7
Character development - 7
Premise - 8

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