Betrayal Fueled Anger (Wonder Woman #36 Comic Review)

Written by: James Robinson

Penciled by: Carlo Pagulayan

Inked by: Jason Paz and Sean Parsons

Colored by: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Cover art by: Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair (Variant Cover by: Jenny Frison)


Variant Cover

Story so Far:

Jason’s backstory is revealed. As a son of the Amazons, he was sent away before he could be killed. Remember, no man can stay among the women warriors. This was not his only struggle, however, since he is also a son of Zeus. This means that Hera will stop at nothing to take him down in her anger at her husband’s continued infidelity. Jason had been raised by one of the original Argonauts, Glaucus. When Glaucus told him the truth of his upbringing, Jason didn’t care that he wasn’t his father. The time he had spent with Glaucus bonding was enough for him to remain his father, in heart. Jason was taught how to control his powers and how to grow stronger in his studies under a fellow son of Zeus, Hercules. Diana is devastated with the betrayal of Jason. Grail helps Jason take Diana down and capture her.

Cover Art Wonder Woman #36


Diana is held captive and chained. She’s angry, remorseful, and quickly running out of patience. Jason bemoans how he was hidden away while Diana got the spotlight to be “wonderful.” Diana takes this as her opportunity to goad Jason into thinking for himself for once. She insults his choice to be hidden away, anything to make him actually open his eyes to the lies he has been fed. Grail doesn’t want Diana to open her mouth, so she punches her in the face, not once, but twice. Diana can’t take it anymore, and she laughs at Grail. Grail’s anger spikes when Diana breaks free, and she loses her temper. Jason and Grail begin a double assault on Wonder Woman, but since she is fueled by her anger this time, Diana easily holds her own. That is, until a new voice breaks through the battle. Wonder Woman’s contempt for the situation only grows when it is none other than Grail’s father. Yes, Darkseid is back. He is no longer the baby that Diana had previously seen, instead he is now in the form of a young man. Darkseid claims that he doesn’t want Diana dead since he needs her alive. Just what does he have in mind for this child of Zeus?

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With Jason's betrayal still fresh, Diana's anger gets the better of her. Grail, Darkseid's daughter, has Jason so far into her grasp, it's seemingly unlikely that he will break free. The art holds a nice fluidity that keeps you reading with ease. Emotions are running even more rampant than ever before, and there are still few answers to the multitude of questions we have. This arc will keep you guessing. Just what do the old gods want with the new? Why is Darkseid's daughter so adamant about taking Wonder Woman alive?
  • Art is fantastic
  • Story line is fluid
  • Character development is promising
  • Plot twist!
  • Jason feels like a background character
  • Hard to find his real motivation
  • Being able to break free trope
Art - 8
Plot - 6
Fluidity from previous issue - 7
Character development - 8
Story-line - 6

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