Who are you, Ms Marvel? (Ms Marvel 2016 #25 Comic Review)

Written by: G. Willow Wilson

Art  by: Nico Leon

Color by: Ian Herring

Lettering by: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Art by: Valerio Schiti and Rachelle Rosenberg  (Variant Cover: Takashi Miyazawa and Ian Herring)

Story so Far:

The previous arcs of Ms Marvel have led up to Kamala, our heroine, to take a break. She has been too stressed lately, as she stretches herself beyond her capacity. Every villain she faces has worn her down in ways she would never have imagined, but to her, that’s not the problem. The real issue she sees is how little she has truly paid attention to how the world sees her, or how she sees the world. She once believed that everything was in black and white. Good. Evil. She thought no matter what happened, she would know how to help others. Now? Not so much. Kamala now realizes that she was overly idealistic.This has cost her the respect of her beloved mentors, and possibly cost her her chance to prove them wrong  Bruno, her (ex)best friend left after a terrible accident while trying to free one of their classmates from his wrongful imprisonment. Said imprisonment left the classmate, Josh, scarred emotionally and helped turn him into Discord. Bruno is now in Wakanda as student to figure out how to regain the strength and mobility in his left side after the accident. Kamala was feeling even worse about herself as she slowly came to the conclusion that she may or may or may not be needed anymore. New Jersey could and would replace her as the number one sensation, and she knew that. She was even prepared for it. What she wasn’t prepared for, however, was seeing Kareem, aka The Red Dagger, turn her world upside down. Once they saved a train from a potential wreck, The Red Dagger was swept up by the news crew scrambling to know more about the “Surfer hair hero”.

What’s Going On:

This issue marks the beginning of a new arc, and it already shows that it will be the most emotionally challenging arc yet for our young heroine. After the train fiasco, Kamala has been doing some soul searching to figure out exactly who she is. While she is away, her friends take up the mantle of Ms Marvel so that New Jersey continues to be safe. While they struggle to fill the huge, literally so, steps Kamala has left behind, there’s another nefarious plot brewing from an unexpected force. Zoe, dressed up as Ms Marvel runs into The Red Dagger who immediately questions her about the real Ms Marvel’s whereabouts. This is to no avail, of course, as no one knows where she is. Zoe and RD team up to investigate an elderly retirement home after a man on a motorized scooter cart comes screaming into the night. Just what is happening in New Jersey? Where has Kamala gone? When will New Jersey have their Ms Marvel back?

I will be honest. I binge read all 25 issues out of Ms Marvel 2016 very recently because I fell in love with her. Kamala is an absolutely wonderful heroine that was crafted with love. She is relate-able, funny, and all around a joy to find out more about. The art was the first thing that caught my eye, as it tends to be. It is well proportioned and nothing is forced or too rough. The plot is steady, and it moves just fast enough that you become extremely invested quickly. I was not anticipating how much I would feel for the characters as I read each issue. If you were uncertain about reading Kamala’s story, what are you waiting on? I love this spunky girl, and I have a feeling you will too. Marvel made the right choice when they began her story, and I look forward to seeing just how far she comes.

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Kamala Khan, aka Ms Marvel, has left without a trace. No one knows where she went, and that's the problem. She's needed and doesn't even realize it. What will happen in her absence?
  • Phenomenal Writing
  • Easy to sympathize with
  • Well drawn
  • Slow beginning to an arc
Art - 8
Plot - 8
Writing - 9
Fluidity from Previous Issue - 9
Character Development - 9

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