Emotional Re-connections (Wonder Woman #38 Comic Review)

Written by: James Robinson

Penciled by: Emanuela Luppacchino

Inked by: Ray McCarthy

Cover Art by: Paul Renaud (Variant Cover Art by: Jenny Frison)

Story so Far:

The previous issue ended one of the biggest arcs DC Rebirth Wonder Woman has seen. Darkseid has returned. With this return, marks the age of the new gods again. Darkseid’s daughter Grail has been behind the energy drainings of the demigods. That was not the only huge plot line revealed within the arc, as we also find out that Wonder Woman has a twin brother. Jason has never been allowed to live freely since he was the SON of the Amazons. In other words, he was already shunned for that. To make matters worse, Diana and Jason’s father is Zeus, which means that Jason also had to fight to hide himself from the wrath of Hera. He was hidden by Glaucus, one of the original Argonauts; over the years they spent together, they became as close as father and son. Grail had tricked Jason into working with her by playing on his fears and anger towards Diana being wonderful while he had to keep hidden. The arc drew to a dramatic close after the deciding battle of the old gods and new gods. Zeus himself faced off against Darkseid.

What Just Happened?:

This starts off with a flashback, which is nothing out of the ordinary for Wonder Woman comics. There’s a typical young woman who ends up in a tragic accident that paralyses her. Diana spends much of her time comforting the young woman and encouraging her to keep pushing forward. Vanessa Kapatelis struggled to make the decision to accept the nanites into her body. The doctors said since she was a one in a million case, this treatment would allow her to walk again. It would take perseverance on her part since she would have to learn to control them. She agrees to the procedure; her fighting spirit was on her side as she took her first step a week after the procedure. Diana isn’t around as much anymore, since she is busier and busier trying to keep the world safe. Vanessa knows this, but with the loss of her mother along with many other factors, she breaks. While this is going on, we see Diana talking to Jason seriously about what exactly his choice for his new life with entail. Who is this new villain antagonizing everything Wonder Woman holds dear? Where is Darkseid?

This issue marks the change of a massive arc, and it promises to keep the momentum going. The art is wonderful and expressive of how each character truly feels. We even get a newer glimpse into how Diana feels about Jason. I am looking forward to seeing where this arc will lead us. Robinson has a way to make you want to root for the characters even when you have no idea how they will tie in yet, and I appreciate that talent.

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Christina Williams

Christina Williams

Christina Williams

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  • The flashback was really interesting.
  • New take on Diana and Jason's relationship.
  • No fluidity from previous issue.
  • Felt very quick.
Art - 7
Writing - 7
Fluidity from Previous Issue - 5
Character Development - 7
Plot - 6

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