Conan Loved, Conan Lost (Wonder Woman/Conan #5 Review)

Wonder Woman/Conan #5

Written by: Gail Simone

Art by: Matt Ryan, Aaron Lopresti

Cover by: Aaron Lopresti

Variant cover by: Neal Adams

Story So Far:

Conan has been down on his luck from day one. He has been seeking a woman named Yanna as long as he can remember with very little luck in finding her. Along his perilous path, he came across a man who promised him riches if he were to spare his life. This turned out to be false, but Conan continued along with the man he spared. That was when he saw her. His Yanna. The woman he had been seeking! He rushed to her side, but he was instead thrust forward into combat against her. When they refused, they were sent to sea. Going seaward did not discourage them either, and it was then that Conan discovered that her name was not Yanna, but Diana. Diana is Yanna; she has to be. With this the only thought in his mind, Conan joined forces with Diana and faced off against the cruel fates that had been the ones to force them into combat to begin with. Once more, they refused to kill each other. The Crow Women were angered by this, and they swore to massacre an entire town in their stead.

What Just Happened:

This issue did not stop for one second, nonstop action. Enter the Amazons! When it is discovered that Diana had finally turned up, the Amazonian Queen sent five of her fiercest warriors to recover their lost princess and General. As we know, without Diana’s golden lasso of truth, she has no memories. That was part of the game she had been forced into. Conan has started to accept that Diana truly is not Yanna, and has instead found comfort in the differences between them. He is gifted one of Diana’s coveted armlets to keep him safe; because war is an eternal state of mankind, there is no safety for them. Conan laments such to Diana, but she refuses to believe it. The palpable emotions in the issue make it easy to feel so bad for either party.

My thoughts:

Wow. Conan just cannot catch a break. I was getting uncertain as to whether or not the stakes would ever rise and I would be able to connect with the characters. Not anymore, this issue solidified my love for this mini-series. I am a huge fan of how the art has adapted slowly to become a masterful rendition. Honestly, the next issue cannot come fast enough for my liking. I want to know more, now! This was, by far, the strongest issue in the series.

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Christina Williams

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Conan and Diana are once more discussing their lives and memories. They continue to bond over what they are slowly learning from each other, but sadly, all good things must end. The Amazons have been seeking Diana for a very long time, and the moment of truth is drawing near.
  • The artwork is just lovely.
  • I'm impressed with the character development Conan has shown.
  • Diana continues to be a fascinating driving force.
  • The villains make the issue.
Art - 9
Plot - 8
Writing - 9
Character Development - 9

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