You Hurt Her, Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman #39 Review)

Written by: James Robinson

Pencils by: Emanuela Lupachino and Carmen Canaro

Inks by: Ray McCarthy and Canaro

Cover art by: Paul Renaud (Variant cover: Jenny Frison)

Story so Far:

The previous arc was wrapped up tightly, and we moved on to find out that in her down time, Diana had become rather close to a young child who had suffered a terrible accident. Diana supported Vanessa in every way that she could to keep encouraging her to get better. She even convinced her to go for a brand new procedure that would help her walk again, and that support meant the world to this young girl. That is, until her mother died. Diana was nowhere to be seen. Vanessa went from best friends with Diana to nothing. She had no one. This enraged the young girl, as her grief took away her ability to walk all over again. All she wanted was to see Diana again and talk to her. Why had Diana disappeared? What does this mean for Vanessa?

What Just Happened:

As we know, Diana didn’t disappear for no reason. During the timing of the young girl Vanessa’s mother’s death, we know that Diana had been facing off against Darkseid, and before that, her brother and Grail. Diana returns to the home of a family she helped save earlier, only to find the Silver Swan. Wonder Woman is now facing off against the newest villain, that she had accidentally created. Silver Swan was filled with unbridled rage, and it proves to be an emotional battle for Diana. Even when Diana attempted to talk to Silver Swan and explain what had been going on during the timing, she refused to listen. There was too much pain in her heart to believe her now, unfortunately. An innocent family had died to Silver Swan’s anger and newfound hatred. Can Diana help fix the hurt she had unexpectedly wrought?

Meanwhile, during this fight, we see a new glimpse of Darkseid at his hidden temple. This shows that the previous arc had not been wrapped up nearly as tightly as assumed. There is still a wild Darkseid biding his time to continue to take over the world, and to kill the gods. What does Darkseid want with the artifacts? We’ll have to wait and see in the next issues.

There have been many villains over the years that have broken my heart. Many heroes that have touched me. However, I can say that Silver Swan had a large impact on me. Losing your support system out of the blue really changes you as a person. You don’t understand the pain you feel; the only emotions you DO understand at that point is your anger. You end up hurting others in the hopes of trying to lash out. Lashing out isn’t a good idea, in hindsight, but it feels good for the moment. I feel for Vanessa, and I have enjoyed the masterful writing portraying her. This issue was a huge step up from the previous. I keep saying this, but Rebirth Wonder Woman is worth picking up. The character arcs are well defined, there’s no huge rush between arcs or plot-lines. Diana is always worth reading.

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A new villain strikes fear into the hearts of citizens! Silver Swan has taken the lives of a family, and it is up to Diana to stop her. Can she work out Silver Swan's motives in time to save more lives from being lost? Will Vanessa ever forgive Diana?
  • Character development begins rapidly for Silver Swan.
  • Distinct plot line has begun.
  • The emotions feel very realistic.
  • We still know nothing about where Darkseid is.
  • Diana can't trust fully still.
Art - 8
Writing - 9
Plot - 7
Character Development - 7
Fluidity from Previous Issue - 7

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