Ms. Marvel or Kamala Khan? (Ms. Marvel 2015 #1 Comic Review)

Written by: G. Willow Wilson

Art by: Takashi Miyazawa and Adrian Alphona

Cover Art by: Cliff Chiang

Variant Cover Art by: Jenny Frison, Sarah Pichelli, and Justin Ponsor








Who is Ms Marvel?:

Kamala Khan is your every day brilliantly talented Pakistini American, high school student, straight A student, and part time Avenger. That’s right! Kamala is now OFFICIALLY an Avenger! Score one for Kamala, nothing for bad guys. While all of this superhero business is going on, she’s still your ordinary high school student faced with ordinary problems. You know the shtick, long nights of studying, exams, no sleep, etc, etc. She has no time for anything that isn’t school, family, or super hero stuff. Wait, who’s that with Bruno, her best friend?

Ms. Marvel, the superhero is the savior of New Jersey. She never hesitates to follow her heart and do what she knows is best, but just how long can Ms. Marvel keep up being a hero and a student before something breaks? Ms. Marvel is the opening of a series about a young woman coming into her own as a hero and as a person, and it will prove to be a story that will captivate the interests of the readers immediately.







What Just Happened?:

We see Kamala, our young heroine coming to grips with the fact that her face and likeness have been pushed onto a billboard advertisement for a new housing district, which annoys her greatly as she never agreed to it. Her friends are insulting Ms. Marvel by saying that she’s a sellout, because of course she is, why on Earth would a hero come to a primarily minority neighborhood to be good and not sell out? That gets straight under her skin, and Kamala genuinely regrets waking up. She finds out that her best friend in the entire world is now dating someone. Blindsided AGAIN, she doesn’t know how to come to terms with the fact that her superhero life will continuously sabotage her social and school life. Maybe even mess her up in general for love. She’s just a teenager, man.









I loved this first issue. I didn’t know how I was going to feel about Kamala Khan at first, but I was very impressed. The story line is fantastic, and the art is very well-proportioned. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the expressions come to life. With as strong as this first issue is, I can tell that the rest of the series is going to remain powerful and moving. I’m looking forward to seeing her grow up and learn how to truly be herself. Maybe even learn to take a break sometimes. It’s easy to see how exhausted she is, and that she is running herself ragged. Just how long can Kamala hold onto being a full time student a full time superhero? Guess we’ll have to find out.

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Kamala Khan, a supposedly average high school student, finds herself growing larger in the spotlight, while simultaneously shrinking in her personal life. She is exhausted, misses her friends, but is overjoyed to be fulfilling her dream of being an avenger.
  • Solid first issue for a new series.
  • The characterization is already beautifully setting in.
  • I enjoy that we can already see some of her internal drama.
  • If you haven't read anything about Kamala Khan, this might be a confusing origin for you.
Plot - 8
Writing - 9
Character Development - 7
Artwork - 9

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