The Swan Song’s Final Note (Wonder Woman #40 Comic Review)

Written by: James Robinson

Penciled by: Emanuela Lupacchino and Carmen Carnero

Cover by: Jesus Merino and Alex Sinclair

Variant Cover by: Jenny Frison

Emotional Variant cover by Jenny Frison











What You May Have Missed:

Diana made a friend after visiting a young girl in the hospital. Months had passed with Diana going to see her more and more often. Vanessa, the injured girl, and Diana were best friends. They shared secrets, joys, laughter, and sadness together. That is, until the surgery happened. Vanessa allowed Diana to convince her to go for a surgery that would allow her to walk again. Everything seemed great. She could take her first steps all over again, and she finally thought that she could be happy again. Then her mother died, and with her death, it took Vanessa’s ability to walk all over again. Grief-stricken, Vanessa waited and waited for Diana to show up, but she never did. Angry, hurt, and feeling betrayed, Vanessa funneled her emotions into the one thing she still knew how to do. With her pain and anger, the Silver Swan was born anew.

What Just Happened:

This arc is aptly named Swan Song. The emotions are conveyed perfectly, and the amount of pain you can feel from Vanessa is hauntingly beautiful. In this issue, we have Jason learning the darker side to what Diana does. Thankfully, he is able to live the tale of his first battle against the Silver Swan. They go to the hospital where the Silver Swan was born in order to find out more information. Jason’s stomach can’t handle the sight he sees, and he begins to doubt himself. Is he truly as wonderful as his sister? Will he just let her down too?

Jason lives!











Diana faces off against the Silver Swan again in a battle filled with intense grief and pain. Silver Swan’s motivations are clear cut, if not simple due to her age. Will Diana be able to help her in the end or will she fail all over again?

This issue was an emotional roller coaster constantly heading up. There was very little relief from the heartbreak shown to us in the previous issue. This arc has had the most impact on me of the rebirth series. I’m loving seeing Diana change and grow in ways she couldn’t without Robinson’s writing. This more raw version of our Wonder Woman is a breath of fresh air, and it allows us to truly begin to see where she will be able to go. This has been one of the strongest endings to an arc so far. I’ve said this for many issues now, but I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. Rebirth is doing Wonder Woman justice, and the hype train just doesn’t stop.

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As the Swan Song nears its tragic end, can Diana save the Silver Swan before she manifests into something she will regret further? Jason is starting to doubt himself, as he cannot handle seeing the brutality of Wonder Woman's reality. Being wonderful, it turns out, is not everything it's cracked up to be.
  • The emotions are conveyed beautifully.
  • The relationship between Diana and Jason shows more promise than ever.
  • The Silver Swan makes an excellent villain.
  • Diana's love.
  • How quickly the issue ended!
  • Jason didn't have much screen time.
Plot - 9
Art - 9
Character Development - 8.5
Fluidity from Previous Issue - 9
Expectations - 8.5

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