Ms. Marvel, the New Carmen Sandiego (Ms. Marvel #27 Comic Review)

Written by: G. Willow Wilson

Art by: Nico Leon and Ian Herring

Cover Art by: Valerio Schiti and Rachelle Rosenberg

Schiti and Rosenberg impress yet again!











What You Missed:

Kamala Khan has friends who truly deeply care about her. They knew her secret from the beginning, but never outed her because they knew how important it was to her to be able to have a secret. Kamala wasn’t ready to let them in. Now, Kamala is gone. Poof. Vanished without a trace. Her family’s lips are sealed tight. No one will give up any information on her location, so her friends took it upon themselves to each become Ms. Marvel in her place. Initially, the idea was formed in order to keep up the facade that she was still around. However, they’re now in over their heads as a true villain has surfaced. Do the new Ms. Marvels have what it takes to keep New Jersey safe? Can they take down the INVENTOR before the pressure makes them cave?


What Just Happened:

Zoe and Harold have been captured by the INVENTOR, and they are in terrible danger. As the INVENTOR’s plans are slowly coming to fruition, the rest of the Ms. Marvels are still seeking her down. Kamala is still nowhere to be seen, but one of her friends, Naftali, is determined to find her. In a previous issue, we have a sweet moment where he decides to hand deliver her a nice kosher sandwich, but he is stopped by her older brother. Naftali’s told that Kamala is fine, but she does not want to be seen.

This doesn’t sit well with Naftali, however, so we have the issue start off with him talking to anyone he believes may know something about where Kamala is. While this zany side quest is occurring, we have the Marvels attempting to save Zoe and Harold. Nakia, overcome with worry, has managed to track Zoe down. They’re not leaving a friend behind if they can help it. We see the Marvels attempt to take on the INVENTOR face to face, despite none of them having powers. Honestly, this moment to me was really touching because they knew it was less about what they couldn’t do, and more about what they had to do. Each of the Marvels has proven to be a real hero because they went despite the danger. Their steps never faltered when it came down to saving the ones they care about. I really admire that about them.


What has Naftali noticed that we have not?










As this arc draws to a close, we are once more struck with far more questions than answers. I can’t think of a single issue that hasn’t impressed me. The art is phenomenal, and it truly shows how each of the characters have grown with huge emotional impacts. The writing is well paced with nothing out of place. G. WIllow Wilson is an incredible writer, and this run of Ms. Marvel will not leave you wanting.


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With Kamala Khan, the true Ms. Marvel, still missing, it's up to her friends to protect the city! The Teenage Wasteland arc is rapidly gaining momentum as our Marvels take on the INVENTOR. Do they have what it takes to save the day?
  • Each character is developing wonderfully.
  • Pacing is perfect. Nothing is rushed or too slow.
  • Serious Carmen Sandiego syndrome
  • Where is Kamala?!
Art - 10
Story - 8
Plot - 8
Character Development - 9
Fluidity from previous issue - 9

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