Robots in Spaaace! (Monsters Unleashed #11 Comic Review)

Learning Curve Part 3

Written by: Justin Jordan

Art by: Alex Arizmendi

With the help of creature expert Elsa Bloodstone and the crack professionalism of Damage Control, Kei Kawade and his team of beastly creations travel the world protecting the innocent from monstrous threats. No beast can harm the world when Kid Kaiju is on guard with his Monsters Unleashed!

Last time in Monsters Unleashed:

Thanks to an accidental butt-dial, Kei and his robotic companion Aegis rush off to help Elsa Bloodstone take down a crazy eldritch cult. Some missteps are made as Aegis mistakenly summons the very beast the cult was trying to unearth, but all’s well that ends well as Aegis manages to fend off the squid-like beast. Elsa decides to take her leave as she’s come to realize that Kei no longer needs a babysitter watching over him. Who’s up next for a one-on-one adventure? Keep reading to find out!

Today’s Gravity-Defying Issue:

After rushing out last issue to help Elsa, our hero has been grounded indefinitely. But the threat of agonizing boredom is averted as none other then the amazing Inhuman hound Lockjaw appears to whisk Kei and his pals away. Sadly dogs aren’t very good at counting as only the cold and calculating Mekara is brought along. It turns out that the brilliant tactician Karnak was behind our hero’s teleportation. It’s up to Kei and the gang to face down a terrifying Technarch looming on the Moon. Through some unconventional means the day is saved and Kei returns home. Come back next issue for a terrific tag-team tale featuring Hi-Vo and Slizzik!

Personal Thoughts and Opinions:

Compared to the last few issues, this one isn’t as much of an action packed adventure but it still has it’s good moments. Kei is growing naturally as a character. He’s learning about team-work, trust and proper understanding of his surroundings. I don’t have much experience when it comes to the Inhumans but it’s always fun seeing Lockjaw in a book and Karnak has an interesting skill-set. Mekara is probably the least entertaining of Kei’s monster pals, but she certainly seems to have the most depth and potential for growth as a character. They’ve hinted at the monster crew having lives before the book started so I’m curious to see what is done with the team. The creature designs continue to be fun and interesting, and with another new artist this issue, his more saturday morning cartoon style of artwork lends itself well to the fun and childish nature of the book.

I only have a few complaints with the book. One of them being Mekara has an odd tendency to throw in a mash-up of words in the middle of her dialogue. I get that it’s meant to be a part of her character but having her speech bubble read “that was scary/tense/thrilling.” makes it a bit of a hurdle to read naturally. My only other complaint is that I do wish the book would take a slightly more mature tone. I understand that this sort of book is meant to be for younger readers and take on that kid’s cartoon style, yet some of the best cartoons on television manage to make the show just as entertaining for adults. This is just a minor nitpick though.

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Jared Wood

Jared Wood

I'm just 23 year old nerd who loves Star Wars a bit too much and thinks Spider-Man 2099 deserves more recognition.
Monsters Unleashed continues to be a fun book for all ages. Kei and his team are developing well as characters and I do look forward to the next major arc in the story. I just wish that "all ages" included a bit more maturity and depth for older readers. I still recommend the book to anyone that enjoys wholesome fun and adventure.
  • Fun to read
  • Stylish art
  • Lockjaw is best dog
  • Mekara's speech pattern
Story - 7.5
Art - 8
Written by
I'm just 23 year old nerd who loves Star Wars a bit too much and thinks Spider-Man 2099 deserves more recognition.

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