Let Me Go! (Silencer #2 Comic Review)

Story: Dan Abnett

Art: Sandra Hope and John Romita Jr.

Cover Art: Hope and Romita Jr.

Hope and Romita Jr. give us another look into Silencer’s strength.












Who is The Silencer?:

Honor Guest, or as the world of Assassins knows her, The Silencer has been out of the game for years. She’s the deadliest assassin you’ve never heard of. Silence doesn’t last forever, however, and Honor Guest finds herself forced straight back into the world of killing that she thought she could leave behind. She has a husband and a child, but that doesn’t matter to the enemies. All that matters is that she is dead or active again on THEIR side. Talia Al Ghul shows up out of nowhere to warn Honor Guest that there’s a war going on that will not honor her agreement to leave. No matter where she goes, they WILL find her. Talia’s mere presence annoys Honor Guest immensely, so she tries to force her out of the house as soon as she can.

Who is The Silencer? Why is Leviathan so hell-bent on getting her active yet again? Do they actually want her back, or is this a ploy to kill her instead?


What Just Happened:

The issue opens up moments after the first left off. There’s an intense battle going on, and Honor Guest must do everything she can to stop anyone from knowing who she is, or who these bad guys are. Talia Al Ghul proves to be useless during the fight, and Honor Guest is forced to do everything herself. She activates her zone of silence, which keeps anyone from making a sound within the barrier, effectively leaving them trapped within her will. Anything that happens within it, stays within it. Silence is golden, after all.

Peek into battle.











The enemies aren’t holding back one bit. They are determined to kill her. Bloodvessel, aka a being of sentient blood, destroyed her car. Honor Guest is forced to call clean up after the battle, much to her annoyance. The car aside, now she has to figure out how to explain to her husband why her hair is cut…


Second peek into battle.











This is a fast paced issue that keeps your heart pumping. Honor Guest is a thrilling new heroine, and I’m pleased to see DC move in this direction. The artwork is truly something out of a 90s comic, and it fits the vibe of the series well. The characters are all developing well, and you can practically SEE the annoyance ooze out of Honor Guest’s every pore. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you need to pick up The Silencer, I say give it a shot. She’ll surprise you.

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Honor Guest is forced to protect her home and new simple life by taking down enemies as The Silencer once again. She strikes down Bloodvessel while Talia Al Ghul gets away without answering any questions. What does the new Remedy want from Honor?
  • Talia Al Ghul is hilariously useless in the battle.
  • Talia Al Ghul's "usefulness."
  • Slow build up. It still feels like the origin issue.
Art - 7
Plot - 8
Character Development - 8
Fluidity from Previous Issue - 9

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