The Book Of Thunder (Black Lightning Ep. 6 TV Review)

We return this week with our hero still on the ground outside of the club in pain while the police department suits up to take Black Lightning down. His powers are short circuiting him and collapses again but Gambi shows up in the nick of time to get him out of the area as the police pull up. Gambi reaches out to Lynn again to elicit her help but she is not happy about it as his powers are literally killing him and saving his life at the same time. She is also tasked with looking at the brain scans of the Green Light victims and notices some interesting similarities between them and Jefferson’s brain scans…It almost looks like The 100 is trying to create powers in regular people as if they are test subjects…Her assistant makes a phone call and we learn later in the episode that no one is safe…

Meanwhile Inspector Henderson has his own problems as he realizes that his Captain might be working for Tobias…

Anissa is at the forefront of this episode as she is back to changing the world one protest at a time as her and a group of friends gather to deface a public statue that stands for oppression in a town fighting for equality the safety of its citizens. And just like in Episode 1 we see her and her father have another intense discussion about her decisions in regards to her disregard for her own safety:

“You broke the law Anissa…That gives the police an excuse to hurt you…Look you are a black woman…You don’t have the luxury of being naïve…”

In her research, Anissa is not only discovering that powers can be hereditary but how they work. Jennifer comes in and they have a heart to heart about Khalil…The discussion they have is a very real moment that isn’t shown on television – the other side of dating something who is handicapped. Most times people root for the underdog but in this moment we see Jennifer struggle with wanting to be with someone but wondering if she can as she imagined her life a certain way and the reality of it not being what she thought is making her question what she wants.

The show shifts over to Gambi working with Jefferson and his powers, making sure that he is able to use his powers without blacking out. He found that the suit was not only helping him channel his powers but hitting him back with the same voltage – short circuiting him (ha!). The conversation takes a serious tone as Gambi tries to talk Jefferson out of killing Tobias but Jefferson starts to notice that it’s something else. He’s finally caught on to the fact Gambi is honestly trying to keep him away from Tobias and starts to get suspicious of his intentions. The viewers watch as Gambi unsuccessfully pleads with Lynn the next morning to talk him out of killing Tobias…But is he trying to save Jefferson’s soul or is it something else?

Meanwhile Jefferson is trying to figure out a way to find Tobias on his own and comes across a video in regards to albinism and how albinos need additional treatment to help them with some physical issues that they may suffer from so he finds a specialist and pays him a visit in order to see if he can keep the drop on Tobias. He finds out that the doctor is basically a prisoner – blackmailed with the safety of his family at stake. He tells the doctor that he can help and will be ready when the doctor is ready.

Anissa pays her mom a visit asking for help trying to crack the puzzle that her grandfather left and they have a brief heart to heart.

“I just know you didn’t like being a mistress…”

“Your father never cheated on me Anissa…”

“Mom, Daddy’s married to saving the world…You didn’t like coming in second…”…And oh how right she was. She leaves some information with Lynn and Lynn questions what’s going on. Anissa’s reaction tells her all she needs to know – something is wrong and it’s more than a simple matter of the heart.

As Jefferson gets back to his life as a principal, he is alerted by the vice principal that Jennifer is being cyber bullied (kudos to cyber bully monitoring by the way) by none other than Khalil! And immediately she is broken. She starts to wonder if Khalil’s accident has changed him into the cold heated person or if this is who he’s been all along and the accident is just bringing his nature to the surface. Jennifer decides to face him to find out the truth and she finds that Khalil is no longer the sweet, upbeat guy that she knew…He has turned into an angry, bitter young man who blames her for what happened to him. Tobias’ plan is working…

In the news Anissa sees that the protest around the statue turned violent as a young lady was killed when she was run over by a white nationalist so she decides to take matters into her own hands and heads over to the statue as Thunder. She channels her powers and stomps on the ground with enough force to blow up the statue but she also ends up hurting everyone else. She breaks down as she realizes she needs help and calls Lynn letting her know that she’s ready to talk.

In the climatic end we see Jefferson on a rooftop of the doctor’s office waiting for Tobias to show up and we are flashbacked into his memory of his father’s death – a boy watching as his father is beaten and choked to death by Tobias as he cowers under a bed…Crying…Not being able to do anything. Jefferson channels all his energy, ready to blast Tobias with all his power as Gambi connects Lynn into Jefferson’s suit as she attempts to talk him down. Glass shatters as some people break into her office and attempt to steal her research. Jefferson immediately leaves Tobias and rushes over but Thunder gets there first and we finally get to see more of her power as bullets bounce right off of her. She makes light work of the henchmen and is about to free Lynn when Black Lightning shows up. He thinks Thunder is the one attacking Lynn and hits her with electricity but Thunder reflects it away like it’s nothing and then she and her father have a battle. Anissa holds her own against her old man pretty well but Black Lightning is finally able to wrap her up and knock her out. As he takes a closer look, he realizes that he’s fighting Anissa! He stops immediately and calls for help…As Gambi picks up everyone and races them home, Lynn and Jefferson are too in shock to realize that Anissa has powers…Strong ones at that. Anissa wakes up with her mom next to her and her father standing in her room – as Black Lighting. Their next family dinner will be interesting…

Questions we’re left with: What headway did Lynn make on the research Anissa gave her? How will Lynn deal with the fact that Anissa has powers as well? What is the real relationship that Gambi has with the organization and what promises were made? How did Tobias not seethe very large ball of light on top of a building that wasn’t too far away? What are Tobias’ plans for Khalil?


Favorite track of this episode – “For Whom the Bell Tolls” – J. Cole

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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.
This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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