The Exhausted and Furious Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman #41 Comic Review)

Written by: James Robinson

Art by: Stephen Segovia

Cover Art by: Fernando Pasarin, Mick Gray, Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Variant Cover Art by: Jenny Frison

Pasarin, Gray, and Fajardo Jr. deliver a beautiful cover.










What’s Going on with Wonder Woman?:
This year has been hell for Diana. She finds out that the majority of her life was a lie, her father is actually the GOD Zeus, and she has a twin brother! The Amazon Princess leaves home in order to fully seek out the answers she’s desperately seeking. Her twin brother, Jason, is nothing like she imagined he would be. They didn’t have a truly spectacular meeting. Jason had been working with Grail, Darkseid’s daughter, in order to take down other demi-gods. Diana is able to talk sense into Jason, so he moves to the correct side. We see Zeus and Darkseid face off. Unfortunately for the world, and the old gods, Zeus loses. Now Darkseid is back at full strength! His eyes aren’t on Earth, however, as his terror has another sight in mind… The Amazons of Themyscira!

Frison’s beautifully emotional variant cover showcases a softer side.












What Just Happened:

This issue marks the beginning of another arc! Amazons Attacked! With Diana facing off against the female furies in order to stop Darkseid from gathering another relic, death is imminent for someone. Her frustration is growing larger with the world. It’s been non-stop battles and emotional turmoil for her, and she may be nearing a breaking point. However, Diana keeps this to herself. She fights as she always does. When she makes it back to Steve Trevor, her beau, she allows herself a moment of vulnerability. She tells Steve everything. Absolutely everything that has happened. He tells her that it’s okay to not be put together every single moment of the day, but she brushes him off. Diana is WONDER WOMAN. She must be strong and kept together. The world needs her to be. With Darkseid being the largest looming threat, can Diana protect the people of Earth and Steve? Where is Jason? WHO got him? Will Diana ever catch a break?


Preview image.










The issue was a nice break from action. It allows us to get re-centered for the new arc. The build up is perfectly set up, as nothing is rushed or too slow. Diana’s emotional turmoil is becoming more and more evident. I enjoy seeing this side of her, because it is a very realistic look into how being a superhero takes away from every other part of you. I’m a big softy at heart, so seeing her tender moments with Steve made me happy. Diana truly deserves happiness. Too bad saving the world comes first. Robinson delivers again. I’m very pleased with the direction Wonder Woman is heading.

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Diana is preparing to take down Darkseid, and in order to do that, she needs to partner up with the other Amazons to slowly pick off his subordinates. Jason has gone missing. ....Again. Can Diana prevail?
  • How real Diana's emotions feel.
  • The strange flip between Darkseid and Wonder Woman felt abrupt.
Story - 7
Art - 8
Plot - 9
Character Development - 8
Fluidity from Previous Issue - 7

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